Quanzhi Fashi Season 5 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

Since the release of the Full-Time Magister Chinese anime series (also called donghua) in 2016, it has continued to win our hearts.

It ran for four seasons and the show gained immense popularity across the world. And the love from audiences is asking for the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashi Season 5 and are excited to see when their beloved series returns once again. Now the question is: Has Tencent renewed it yet? So, here’s what we know about it.

Quanzhi Fashi first aired back in September 2016 in China and the story of the series is based on a light novel series named Versatile Mage written by Chaos.

Popular as Full-Time Magister as well, the anime is one of the top Chinese animated shows that even gained popularity outside China. Thus, soon it was renewed for more installments also. There was much buzz after the premiere of the fourth season in May 2020.

The show’s story revolves around high school student Mo Fan, who gets up in a different universe which actually has a lot of similarities to the real world, but magic has swapped the essence of science.

Well, Mo Fan’s life is majorly similar to his earlier one which means he is still the child of a poor laborer and also has a disabled step sister. When he was accepted into a famous magic institution, the titular character was called down because of his poverty and lack of magical skills. The beloved donghua represents his adventures attempting to tackle magical elements.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 5: Renewal Updates

Season 4 of Full-Time Magister was no doubt a treat for Tencent QQ, since it gained much more popularity as compared to its earlier seasons and turned out as a hit project for its producers, also profitable enough to get back for a new season as well.

Thus, soon after the finale of Season 4, audiences began speculating regarding the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashi and rumors started circulating with a poster and also an official trailer.

Although, sadly, the trailer that was circulating all over the internet was not original rather it was actually footage from the second season with a false label of Season 5. However, the good part is that it turned out that the donghua had already been renewed by Tencent for a new season.

A number of fans mentioned that the producers announced the show’s renewal for the fifth season at the 2020 Tencent Video Animation Conference Event. The forthcoming season’s poster is stated to be released by the company during the donghua event.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 5 Release Date
Quanzhi Fashi Season 5

Is There an Official Trailer for Quanzhi Fashi Season 5?

Tencent hasn’t revealed the official trailer of the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashi as of now. Taking into account that the series has already got a renewal, we may expect the much-awaited trailer within a couple of months and we will update this section after it is out.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 5: Release Date

The release of the second and third seasons of Quanzhi Fashi didn’t actually take longer than a year to come back. Though, on the flip side, we had to wait for nearly two years for the release of the fourth season which premiered in May 2020.

Hence, there are many rumors claiming that the upcoming season might also take a bit longer to return, and taking into consideration that the renewal was announced soon following the fourth season’s conclusion, the new season of Quanzhi Fashi might be in production currently.

As the production has already started, we may be able to hop onto the new episodes earlier than what is rumored. As of yet, no exact release date has been revealed either by Tencent or any other producers of the donghua. We can expect it to kick off either by this year or early next year. 

We will keep you updated with all the latest news until then stay tuned to our website.

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