All The Queen’s Men Season 2 Released or Canceled By BET+?

All of Her Majesty’s Men Actor Christian Keyes wrote and performed the second season of the female-centric drama. The television series is based on Christian Keyes’ novel Ladies Night. On September 9, 2021, the first episode of the series was broadcast on the BET+ network.

It is broken into 10 portions, each lasting an hour. This was one of the initial programs created by Tyler Perry Studios. The film’s narrative revolves around the executive woman Marilyn’ Madame’ DeVille.

Madame DeVille is a successful businesswoman in perfect command of her environment. She owns and maintains a male strip club, which contributes significantly to the company’s income.

Soon after, she realizes that having too much of anything is harmful; in her situation, she realizes that having too much money is exceedingly risky. Throughout the series, she handles her company, relationships, and finances.

The plot of All the Queen’s Men Season 2

“All The Queen’s Men” brilliantly illustrates the strength of women. There is no distinction between men and women in the financial world. Marilyn “Madame” Deville, commonly known as Marilyn Deville, is the heroine of the series.

Eden is a high-end male strip club managed by a ferocious and ruthless entrepreneur. She commits a great deal of time and energy to the organization, doing all necessary to ensure its success. As time passes, the company’s rivals in the same industry grow increasingly competitive.

Soon after, she began receiving death threats from her competitors. However, as we all know, our female boss is fearless and equipped with the intelligence to handle any circumstance.

Sharks attacked her club and her staff during the first season. Anthony(Black) is a man with a hidden background who finds it difficult to get employment after his release from jail. He gets recruited as a bouncer at Eden, Madame’s nightclub.

A young guy who admires Madame and considers her a mentor, DJ Dime(Maxwell) is the club’s full-time DJ. Blue (Racquel Palmer), the head of security for Madame, rescues her when things get nasty.

Doc (Michael Bolwaire) is amicable with all club patrons as a dancer. Keith Swift, nicknamed Fatal Attractions, is the oldest dancer in the club, although he does not appear to be such.

El Fuego (Dion Rome), a dancer at Eden’s club, is renowned for his ability to captivate ladies, notably Madame.

Midnight (Jermy Williams) is the most certain of the striptease artists and Madame’s favorite; he exclusively performs at night. To blackmail Madame, the crooks hire a desperate assassin known as The Concierge (Keyes).

All The Queen's Men Season 2
All The Queen’s Men Season 2

All The Queen’s Men Season 2 Cast

Skyh Alvester Black as ‘Addition’ to the AMP Anthony

Skyh Alvester Black is most known for her appearances in the 2019 films All the Queen’s Men, Sistas, and Black Monday (2019). (2019).

Eva Marcille as Marilyn “Madame” DeVille Emmy-nominated actress, model, and television personality Eva Marcille as Marilyn “Madame” DeVille Eva Marcille Sterling (née Pigford; born October 30, 1984) is a California native. She began her career by winning the third season of America’s Next Top Model.

Candace Maxwell performing as DJ Dime

Candace Maxwell was born in Queens, New York, but raised in Atlanta, Georgia as a first-generation Caribbean-American performer and dancer. “Power” (2019) and “Insatiable” (2019) have made Cassandra Haynes a household name (2019).

Michael Bolwire in the role of Doc

Michael Bolwaire’s filmography includes the films Kinky (2018), Chocolate City 3: Live Tour, and Chocolate City 3. (2015).

Racquel Palmer as Blue

Racquel Palmer is a well-known actress and writer for her appearances in All the Queen’s Men (2021), Sistas (2019), and The Night Of The Living Dead (2019).

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All The Queen’s Men Season 2 Release Date

There is a particular following of female viewers for this show. The first season of the program was a tremendous success, gaining the hearts of many people.

After observing the positive response from viewers, BET+ decided to increase the number of episodes from eight to ten and the length of each episode from thirty minutes to one hour. This proves without a doubt that the show was a success.

Even while they have not issued an official statement, they have provided us with some hints. The first ten episodes may run in the first half of the next year, with the remaining episodes airing later.

The first half of each season will be published simultaneously instead of one episode each week as previously planned. Fans of The Queen’s Men, maintain your composure and be ready for a roller coaster ride.

All The Queen’s Men Season 2 Trailer

The new All The Queen’s Men Season trailer has not yet been published. However, cherish some prior recollections.

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