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Tana Mongeau Net Worth (Updated May 2022): How Much Money Does He Make a Year?

Tana Mongeau is the stage name of American rapper and YouTube star Tana Marie Mongeau. Her YouTube storytelling videos are extremely popular.

In 2017, when she claimed the FBI was investigating her, she rose to prominence. Tana claims that someone accessed her Gmail account and sent a bomb threat to an airport in the United States. Controversies have bolstered her YouTube career over the past five years.

She has participated in numerous musical endeavors, with “Hefner” being her breakthrough single. Her YouTube channel has garnered close to 900 million views. Through her various online activities and other endeavors, Tana Mongeau has amassed approximately $4 million.

Tana Mongeau Biography

Tana Marie Mongeau, an American YouTuber, was born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Richard and Rebecca Mongeau are her parents, and she is an only child. While Mongeau grew up, her father owned and operated a successful pool cleaning business. Her mother has remained out of the spotlight, and little is known about her.

Early Life Tana revealed on the MTV show “No Filter: Tana Turns 21” that she had a difficult childhood in Las Vegas because her parents lacked effective parenting skills.

However, despite having previously discussed the tensions she has with her family, this was a particularly difficult time for the normally confident vlogger.

Tana Mongeau Net Worth

Tana Mongeau Career

Mongeau’s “storytime” videos are regularly the most popular stuff she publishes.

According to a Snapchat post published by Mongeau on February 10, 2017, she was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after an email hacker sent a bomb and gun threat to the international airport in Nevada, United States.

Her YouTube channel has endured several conflicts, and she openly discusses the many dramatic events in her life.

It has resulted in nearly 900 million views on her channel. Her channel is demonetized and unable to display YouTube advertisements due to the nature of the stuff she uploads.

She must utilize her extensive reach to create cash from other sources, such as her “Dizzy” wine label and her prominent celebrity profile.

Tana Mongeau Real Estate

Currently, Mongeau resides in Sherman Oaks, California. Her last residence was 6000 square feet with six bedrooms and six baths. In the backyard was an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Tana sold her home in 2019 and acquired a new property; however, she has not disclosed any information about her new residence.

Due to rude and unpredictable admirers, the YouTuber stated that she had decided against showing her house in an interview.

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Tana Mongeau Personal Life

Tana Mongeau is openly bisexual and has had high-profile relationships with various online celebrities during her ascent to stardom.

Before their June 2017 separation, Mongeau was dating Somer Hollingsworth when she began her YouTube career, and he appeared in several of her vlogs.

From the summer of 2017 to February of 2019, Mongeau had a love relationship with Bella Thorne, during which time she, Thorne, and Mod Sun formed a trio.

Tana Mongeau’s Marriage to Jake Paul

In April of 2019, Mongeau began dating Jake Paul, another YouTuber and online sensation. In June 2019, the couple announced their engagement, although many fans and commentators did not believe it.

On July 28 that same year, Paul and Mongeau exchanged their vows in a $500,000 Las Vegas ceremony.

They did not get a marriage license before the event, nor was the officiant licensed by Nevada. Consequently, the marriage was not required to be legal.

Tana’s 21st birthday celebration was documented for MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21. Fans may view it for $50.

Mongeau stated in an episode that the ceremony was “fun and lighthearted” and that it was “obviously something we’re doing for fun and the program.” Their separation was subsequently revealed in January 2020.

Tana Mongeau Music Career

“Hefner” was the name of Tana’s first song, which was released in November 2017. The music video for the song featured another well-known figure, Bella Thorne.

Mongeau was again featured on the Maury show later that month. Dr. Woke and Lil Phag collaborated on the production of “Deadahh,” which was released by Mongeau in December of the same year.

Continuing with her music career, her next song, “W,” was released in early 2018 as part of her ongoing endeavors. On August 31, 2018, she released “F*ck Up,” a renowned failure.

Tana Mongeau Controversies

Mongeau has been involved in several disputes during her career. In particular, the n-word scandal involving iDubzzz and her TanaCon debacle. Please continue reading to discover more about these two events and their respective consequences.

Tana Mongeau Controversy Regarding  N-Word

“The N Word” by Mongeau has been seen over 7 million times. In response to a tweet Mongeau made to YouTuber iDubbbz, in which she threatened his life for using the n-word in his videos, she claims in the video that someone on her tour instructed her to use the n-word. Eventually, iDubbbz was verified to be the YouTuber in question.

iDubbbz filmed a video in which he revealed Tana’s hypocrisy by detailing times she had used the n-word in a negative context in public.

Mongeau issued an apology for using the slur in a video posted on February 17, 2017.

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