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This page will provide information on Linda Tripp and her wealth. Linda Tripp is a well-known American government servant for her important part in the 1998 Clinton–Lewinsky controversy.

The fact that Tripp covertly recorded Monica Lewinsky’s private phone calls regarding her connection with President Clinton affects their link to the Clinton v. Jones litigation and the disclosure of sensitive information.

Linda Tripp maintained that she was motivated only by patriotism, and she avoided a wiretapping accusation by handing up all the tapes.

Later, Tripp indicated that her dismissal from the Pentagon under the Clinton administration was motivated by vindictiveness in an interview.

Nonetheless, the administration described it as a typical practice or the proper action for a political appointment. Since 2004, Tripp and her husband-in-crime Dieter Rausch have owned and operated a year-round festive business.

Linda Tripp Personal Life

Linda Rose Tripp, also known as Linda Tripp, was born on November 24, 1949, in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. Albert Carotenuto was her father, and her mother was Inge. Her father taught math and physics to high school students.

She was the sole child of her parents. Linda Tripp graduated from Hanover Park High School in East Hanover, New Jersey, in 1968, the same year that her parents split due to her father’s romance with a colleague teacher.

After finishing her studies, she worked as a secretary for Army Intelligence at Fort Mead, Maryland. 1971 was a good year for her since she married the military commander Bruce Tripp. The couple has a son and a daughter together. They split up in 1990.

1987 saw Tripp’s relocation to the Pentagon. She began working for the George H. W. Bush administration when Bill Clinton became president in 1993.

In 1994, senior White House officials wanted Tripp permanently removed from the White House, so they arranged for her to work in the public relations office at the Pentagon, where she received a $20,000 annual raise.

Linda Tripp Net Worth
Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Tripp Career

She had her first professional experience as a secretary for Army Intelligence in Maryland. In 1987, she moved and began working at the Pentagon.

Tripp was also appointed to the government during the George H. W. Bush era, and she retained her position even after the election of Bill Clinton as president in 1993.

She was dismissed from the White House in 1994 and sent to the Pentagon’s public affairs division. She was now earning $20,000 more than she had previously. While working at the Pentagon, Tripp has a close relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a coworker.

Before the Clinton-Lewinsky affair concluded, Lewinsky had known Linda for almost more than a year and a half. Lewinsky herself revealed to Tripp at some time in her life that she had a sexual connection with Clinton.

From that time on, Linda began recording Lewinsky and Clinton’s phone talks, which served as crucial evidence in the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal.

Lewinsky, who denies having contact with Bill Clinton during the Clinton v. Jones case, was exposed by the Tripp itself in January 1998, when she provided the recordings of her discussion with Clinton to the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr. In exchange, Tripp is granted protection from prosecution.

Lewinsky and Clinton finally went before a grand jury. Nevertheless, Clinton appears before the grand jury via closed-circuit television.

When the intimate friendship between Lewinsky and Clinton was eventually discovered, the jury allowed Lewinsky to say a few final comments on the topic.

Lewinsky’s last words were, “I despise Linda Tripp.” The Pentagon dismissed Linda Tripp on January 19, 2001, after the conclusion of the Clinton administration.

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Linda Tripp’s net worth

Before her passing on April 8, 2020, she had around $40 million. During his White House and the Pentagon tenure, Lind Tripp has likely amassed a vast fortune. With her second husband, Dieter Raush, Tripp also ran a German winter-themed holiday boutique called the Christmas Sleigh.

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