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Is Lil Nas X really pregnant? Rapper Shows ‘Contractions’ on Twitter

Lil Nas X makes the pregnancy announcement. He gifted himself a baby shower on Wednesday and had an incredible photoshoot.

Images of him showing off his “bump” are popular on social media. When he uploaded the photos on social media, he captioned them, “About to begin my baby shower, trying not to weep ugh.”

However, despite inviting many people, no one attended his baby shower. However, they sent their gifts to Lil Nas. Later, he believed that the baby would soon arrive, as he stated in the video. He is ecstatic with his newborn, “Montero.”

Lil Nas was busy last week as his record was released. Sunday’s VMA performance was likewise outstanding. In addition, he stunned the Met Gala red carpet with his extraordinary attire and made a jaw-dropping entrance.

Lil Nas X stated that he is “expecting” his next album on The Old Town Road. The internet was astonished by his’ pregnancy pictorial’ announcement in People magazine.

According to sources, his self-titled debut album Montero will be published on September 17. In an over-the-top photograph published on September 2, the artist wore a flowing white robe and cream rose flower crown, clutching his baby bulge.

Is Lil Nas X Pregnant?

In any case, Lil Nas is not pregnant! The photoshoot was done to promote his new album “Montero.” This, he feigned to be pregnant. As also, he thinks “Montero” to be his child. However, several others believed he was pregnant.

Nas stated to the media that Megan There Stallion’s song, Dola Sign Slime, influenced him. When the rapper contacted his stylist about a pregnancy pictorial, he made light of the idea.

However, because he views his album as his child and uploaded images of it on social media, it became viral.

He captioned photographs from the photoshoot with “SURPRISE!” “I cannot believe I am finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy, MONTERO, is due on September 17, 2021.”

In addition, he supplied a modified image of his album cover placed on an ultrasound scan. “These contractions are killing me,” he mocked on Twitter.

Lil Nas X is not pregnant, despite the remarkably lifelike pregnancy photos he shared.

The photographs were taken to promote the rapper’s next album, which he refers to as “his baby,” and will be published later this month. The rapper shared a photograph of a pregnant woman, interpreting the word literally.

He also wears a white robe with a flower crown and a huge baby belly in the photographs.

Lil Nas talked about his “Contractions” on Twitter.

He posted a video of himself lying on the bathroom floor while clutching his baby bulge on Twitter. He put “Having Contractions” in the caption.

When Lil mentioned “the baby’s coming” in the video, people believed he referred to his next album. And Nas eventually verified this as well. He declared that his record would soon be released.

Fan Responses

However, we are aware that Nas’s baby shower and images claiming to be pregnant are part of his joke. On the other side, some followers accepted his photographs and assumed he was pregnant!

One admirer wrote with confusion, “Wait, is Lil Nas X pregnant?” Alternatively, another fan wrote, “Is Lil Nas X pregnant? Like legitimately? I’m pretty interested if someone can help.

Montero Release Date

Lil Nas X is prepared to unleash Montero, the album he considers his child. Columbia Records will release the music album on September 17, 2021.

Additionally, the CD will feature his popular hits Industry Baby and Sun Goes Down. However, the rapper has lately recorded a rendition of Montero’s song. He stated that the cover’s design was inspired by Sponge Bob Squarepants and Genesis 2 by John Stephen.

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What’s the story?

The picture occurs only days after Lil Nas X seemed to parody Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album cover art. Additionally, Drake tweeted a snapshot of the album’s cover art, featuring 12 pregnant women emojis with varying hair and skin tones.

However, he answered swiftly with his interpretation, which included 12 pregnant males – an especially poignant picture considering his recent “pregnancy” announcement.


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