The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date Status: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled? (Latest Updates)

Creator of Voyage Time Pendleton Ward has taken animation fans on their craziest voyage with his upcoming project, The Midnight Gospel.

In Netflix’s interesting offering, Clancy, a young spacecaster, interviews extradimensional aliens as their worlds crumble in a hallucinatory apocalyptic.

The conversations themselves are far more tranquil than the pictures, which assault your senses with bizarre things.

Each conversation is taken directly from the podcast of comedian Duncan Trussell and addresses spirituality and the purpose of life in a weird yet lovely manner.

Due to the show’s unique perspective and cliffhanger finale, fans are anxious to know what happens next to Clancy. Will The Midnight Gospel get renewed for a second season?

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not yet renewed The Midnight Gospel, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so expect to see more of Clancy shortly.

Season one of The Midnight Gospel launched on 4/20, which was a savvy choice considering how odd the program is (even if it only makes sense on the American calendar), so expect season two to do the same in 2022. But first, we’ll need the all-important signal.

Netflix is thrilled with the reception it is receiving. It’s known as Midnight Gospel. Trussell told Inverse, “It’s unlike any other show I’ve seen.”

“As you know, Netflix is Netflix,” the narrator continues. They all say, “We don’t know anything about Season 2,” They are experts at not releasing anything.

If they tease you with the idea of a second season, it will put in motion a cascade of events. On the other hand, they also imply that this may not be the case. They are merely exceptionally skilled at maintaining objectivity.

“However, there is so much more to that world, and we barely scratched the surface, so I’d love to make a million more episodes of Midnight Gospel because we only covered the very, very basic world, and we didn’t get into some of the other stuff going on in the Ribbon, which is exciting to me.” “Right now, all I want to do is share that tale.”

Russell is somewhat concerned about the situation, but he also sees the good side.

“A part of me is tensely awaiting a decision, one way or another,” he told Deadline.

However, they did let us create this insanity! It’s unfathomable that any network would let Pendleton and I proceed with this ludicrous idea, and now it’s eternally on Netflix.”

“Wow, that’s incredible. Please give us a second season if you have any magical talents or, even better, a Netflix connection! “Please, I would want to make more,” he requested.

“There are so many further stories to share about The Chromatic Ribbon.” We created a map of that realm, but we scarcely entered it. There was no single phrase or moment in that show that was accidental. Everything is tied to a very old and convoluted past.”

Duncan Trussell has already recorded hundreds of podcast episodes for inspiration, and the animation is much easier to work on remotely. Therefore, Netflix, please put Duncan (and us) out of our agony.

Midnight Gospel Season 2
Midnight Gospel Season 2

The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cast

Damien Echols, a member of the infamous West Memphis Three, was among the season one visitors on The Midnight Gospel. While previous guests are unlikely to return, a bevy of newcomers, like Supergirl’s Mehcad Brooks, may join Duncan Trussell in season two.

Duncan Trussell Family Hour premiered in 2013, and Trussell has already recorded about 400 episodes, meaning there is sufficient content for several seasons if Netflix renews the show for a second season.

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The Midnight Gospel Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Midnight Gospel would focus more on birth, death, rebirth, transfiguration, and other related issues. Supposedly, it will send them on a profound cosmic journey and enhance the psychedelic experience.

The Midnight Gospel tells the story of Clancy Gilroy, a spacecaster who lives on the Chromatic Ribbon, a planet consisting of a thin, tape-like membrane in the middle of a multicolored void where simulation farmers harvest natural resources and new technology from a variety of universes simulated by powerful bio-organic computers.

Each episode of The Midnight Gospel depicts Clancy’s journey through planets within the simulator, with the species inhabiting these worlds acting as the guests he interviews for his space cast.

The authorities often capture Clancy after each episode for his illegal deeds. In contrast, Clancy was able to escape by boarding a big bus.

Duncan Trussell has a positive outlook on the future. Last year, in an interview with Deadline, he said, “Give us a second season if you have any magical powers or, even better, a Netflix connection!

There is currently no release date for Season 2 of Midnight Gospel. Keep an eye on Devdiscourse for the most recent Netflix series information.

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