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Jessica Alves Net Worth (Updated 2022): How Rich is Jessica Alves?

Jessica Alves, often known as Human Ken Doll, is a Brazilian-British transgender model and media personality. Recently, she has shown a willingness to undergo a womb transplant to become pregnant. Never has this operation been performed on a trans woman.

She communicates with the doctor regarding the womb transplant and aspires to be the first trans woman to undergo the operation. Alves told the magazine Closer.

“Even if it cost a million pounds, I’d find a method to have a child with my genes and blood, and I have my frozen sperm so I could utilize it for IVF,” said the man who wanted a child with his genes and blood.

“All I ever desired was to be a woman, and the day I underwent gender reassignment surgery was the happiest of my life.” But having a womb would be much better; I would feel complete if I could give birth,’ she added, ‘I would love to have a brood. It would bring me great joy to be called “mummy.”

What is Jessica Alves’s Net Worth?

Jessica Alves, often known as Human Ken Doll, is a Brazilian-British transgender model and media personality. She is notorious for having undergone hundreds of cosmetic procedures. She was born in So Paulo, Brazil, on July 30, 1983, and is 37 years old.

At age 19, she relocated to London and attended the London College of Communication to study public relations. She hails from an affluent family; the money she receives is a legacy from her maternal grandparents.

She has had many expansions of her nose, lips, and arms. She appears in the 2017 season of the American television series Botched. She owns luxurious residences in London and Marbella, Spain. She had spent over £500,000 on cosmetic surgery by 2018.

She also starred in the British television program Celebrity Big Brother. Jessica Alves had gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand, in February 2021.

Her Instagram has 1.2 million followers and 218 posts as of the time this article was written. She also has an account on Onlyfan. Jessica Alves’ estimated Net Worth is around £30 million.

Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves Early life and education

Alves was born in So Paulo, Brazil, on July 30, 1983, to a Brazilian mother and a British father. Her father, Roserval Alves, was descended from Europeans who immigrated to Brazil in the 1940s.

Initially, the family was involved in farming, but they have since moved into supermarkets, retail malls, and real estate.

When she was a child, her grandpa purchased Barbie dolls for her. Although Alves was designated male at birth, she identified as female, played with dolls, and cross-dressed as early as three, four, five, and six.

She believes that people should not be defined by their gender. She was bullied throughout her youth because she was bashful. As an adolescent, Alves had a hormone imbalance that caused her breast tissue to enlarge, and bullies also targeted her other attributes.

Her family is affluent since they own a series of grocery stores in Brazil, but as of 2018, Alves has not generated a profit from the stores.

At 18, Alves relocated to London, where she studied public relations at the London College of Communication. She received a financial legacy from her maternal grandparents.

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Jessica Alves Biography

Alves has undergone many surgeries, including nose jobs, that caused her to lose her sense of smell.

Immediately following this encounter, she sought surgery in Brazil to have gel injected into her arms to make them appear more muscular.

She temporarily lost the use of both arms, and the incident prompted her to seek counseling.

Alves was diagnosed with body dysmorphia in 2013 – a “mental health illness in which a person obsessively worries about defects in their appearance.”

Alves appears in the 2017 season four episode four of the American reality series Botched, in which cosmetic surgeons attempt to fix ruined cosmetic operations.

Paul Nassif, M.D., declined to do more rhinoplasty on Alves because his nasal passageways were obstructed by scar tissue. His nasal tissue had not fully healed from earlier procedures, and Alves was in danger of severe necrosis.

As of 2018, Alves had residences in London and Marbella, Spain, and was a frequent television host.

She receives a sizable monthly annuity from her grandparents’ estate and leases out villas in Puerto Bans, Spain, to tourists.

In 2018, her estimated net worth was above £30 million. In 2018, Alves traveled between London and Brazil for business and discovered that being known everywhere and solicited for pictures was a burden. That cross-dressing as Jessica gave him a sense of independence.

In part due to her father’s misgivings, the thought of fully converting her gender identification to female was put on hold. [10]

Alves has spent slightly over £500,000 ($520,419 in 2020) on 103 cosmetic operations, including injections, 51 of which were plastic surgery, as of January 2018.

Alves has undergone liposuction, gel filler injections in the shoulders, biceps, triceps, topically applied minoxidil, hair implants, many facelifts, colored contact lenses, and twelve rhinoplasties.

At 17, she underwent her first cosmetic surgery to eliminate gynecomastia. Her first nose job occurred at age 19. As of March 2020, she has reportedly spent over £650k on sixty procedures to resemble the famed Barbie doll.

Alves said that before her transition, she attempted to compensate for her lack of male traits by attempting to seem more masculine via surgery “When I battled to be masculine with my personality, I resolved to make my appearance as macho as possible.

No matter how much I resembled Ken, nothing could alleviate the ache of being Barbie on the inside.”

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