How to Beat Your Friends at Skribbl io(UPDATED) is a notably funny online game in which players win points by guessing what others have drawn or made others guess what they have drawn.

Naturally, sketching using a mouse or track-pad results in bad, complex drawings, so if you’re playing with pals on a conference call, you may have fun.

Although the primary objective of skribbl is to have fun, playing successfully and besting your friends is extremely gratifying. Here are my suggestions and tactics for doing so. I present broad ideas followed by particular approaches in each section.

Word Choice

At the beginning of your sketching round, you are given three words from which to pick. Since the drawing turn is a round in which many points can be gained, this decision is crucial. The following are the questions you should ask before selecting a word:

How simple is it to guess your word?

The initial inclination is to select the easiest word to draw. This is typically the most significant factor, but you must also consider how you’ll draw a word and how effectively the other players will perceive it. In most cases, the ease with which something may be drawn correlates with how well it will be perceived, although there are exceptions.

A dandelion, for instance, maybe straightforward to sketch, but the length of the term and the ambiguity of a basic yellow or white blossom may make it more difficult to identify.

The best words are easy to draw and easy to guess. Many of the “easy to guess” aspects emphasize your sketching talents, but excellent word choice simplifies your life.

Wordle Euskera
Wordle Euskera

How long is the word?

As seen by the example of the dandelions, the length of the word you select is crucial. Choosing a three-letter term can be useful because it greatly reduces the number of words that can be guessed.

Choosing a three-letter term also enhances the likelihood that a player guessing random three-letter words may receive a “__ is near” notice, tipping off other players by guessing similar phrases. There is greater complexity to the difficulty of longer words.

I would want to see a graph depicting guess times VS word length. At a certain length (I would estimate about 7 letters), players will stop counting how many letters they need to complete and guess words that may fit.

How many ways are there to draw the word?

Consider other methods to illustrate each of the three difficult terms if you’re stuck. For instance, I recently chose “fountain” and unsuccessfully drew a drinking water fountain, although I could have created a plaza fountain.

In addition, it may be simpler to envisage drawing compound words separately than combined (e.g., sketching a sword and a fish instead of the confusing swordfish). It is vital to think beyond the box to avoid dire situations.

Who are you drawing for?

When selecting a word, final consideration must be given to the group (this is often only possible when playing with friends). If you choose a term that just one person in the group will figure out fast, you will lose points since everyone will have less time to guess the word.

This may also be utilized to your advantage; if a competitor doesn’t watch a program or understand an inside joke, you can exclude them through your word choice.

Niche methods

Here are several unique approaches, ordered from least deplorable to most.

  • You will have less time to design a compelling picture if you use words that are often guessed at the beginning of each round.
  • Please choose a color for your word and fill the screen with it.
  • Select words that have been drawn previously.


Drawing is generally the most difficult element for most individuals, including myself. However, assuming no one has a drawing tablet, it will be difficult for everyone to sketch using a mouse. Here are a few drawing tips:

Use the offered tools.

You may utilize a fill bucket, multiple brush sizes, and numerous colors. These factors all contribute to the success of guessing your term. If you use the colors green and yellow, your drawings of Shrek or Bart Simpson will be instantly more recognized.

Draw a blue line and use the fill bucket to create an ocean rapidly. Drawing rapidly is essential, but not at the expense of clarity. Utilizing tools might save you time when it comes to completing minute things.

Must check:


In literature, synecdoche uses a portion of an item to symbolize the whole. A famous example is “all hands on deck,” which implies that all crew members, not just their hands, are on deck.

People had drawn Pikachu when the word was Pokemon and a magnifying glass with a question mark when the word was detective using this approach on skribbl.

In these situations, the objective is to prompt guessers to consider a larger subject, stereotype, or relationship that will lead them to the correct response. This may take longer to guess than sketching the word directly, but a difficult-to-draw word may be saved.

Drawing scale and detail

Drawing too big or tiny is detrimental. Little drawing errors take up a disproportionate amount of space when a drawing is too tiny. When a drawing is excessively large, those stuck have a little area to elaborate.

Drawing numerous interpretations of the same word with a “or” in-between is another space-efficient strategy.


In a game of skribbl, the majority of your points will come from guessing other players’ drawings. Therefore, you must master properly predicting draws if you want to win. Here are the most important tactics I remember:


If you can type quickly, you have an advantage over your opponents. Although learning to write quickly is a vital ability, it is probably not something that can be improved during a game of skribbl. Instead, there are several additional factors to consider when typing. The following are:

Dedicate your intellect

As soon as the drawing begins, the clock begins to run. This is not the time to reflect on previous rounds or check the scoreboard. You make educated guesses based on the length of the word and the color chosen by the drawer, depending on how hard you choose to attempt.

Change your viewpoint if you haven’t gotten the artwork after others have. Look at the other guesses quickly. Consider all the approaches you may employ as an artist, then search for a reflection of those techniques in the drawing you observe.


I hope you now have a new approach to apply when playing skribbl. As far as a strategy can carry you, the game ultimately boils down to your picture recognition ability, best developed via practice. This post was composed at COVID-19.

What I enjoy most about skribbl because it challenges your fluid intellect while bringing your buddies together for a good laugh. If you can’t defeat your buddies in skribbl, your best option is to have fun with them.

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