7+ Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives You Can Try

GeoGuessr, a popular edutainment game released in 2013, allows you to put your geographical knowledge to the test. If you’re a lover of educational games and applications, you probably know everything about it.

As a result of Google increasing the cost of their Maps API, it is no longer free as of 2019. Following the price increase, many developers went to Google Maps competitors such as OpenStreetMap; however, GeoGuessr kept Google’s mapping services.

As a result of the high fee, however, many GeoGuessr gamers seek the finest free alternatives. If you are one of these individuals, here are the twelve greatest geography-based trivia games similar to GeoGuessr that you can play right now.

Best Free GeoGuessr Alternatives to Play in 2022

This post lists the twelve top free alternatives to GeoGuessr that you may play on your computer and mobile device. They all test your geographical knowledge like GeoGuessr; however, they are either totally free or provide a free version with limited functionality. So without further ado, let’s examine the list of games similar to GeoGuessr.

City Guesser

City Guesser is maybe the greatest free alternative to GeoGuessr. It is a browser game similar to GeoGuessr but uses video instead of the Google Maps API. Additionally, it is free.

The game displays a full-screen video of a random international place. When you are prepared to make a guess, click the “Start Guessing” button at the bottom to display the map. Click the green ‘Guess’ button in the bottom-right corner to see how close you were.

There is also a multiplayer option where you may compete against your friends. Create a private room or join a public one to get started.

You may play City Guesser using places from across the globe, or you can limit your emphasis to a certain country, continent, or area. The options are the United States, Japan, France, Russia, and India.

In addition to categories such as big cities, bustling areas, seaside cities, capital cities, and snowy landscapes, City Guesser maps also feature other classifications.

In some films, you will be able to identify where you are based on clues such as license plates, but you will have to work a bit more in others. Overall, the game is not as difficult as GeoGuessr, but it is fun, making it the most engaging free game on our list.



PlayGeography is, as its name suggests, another geography-based game similar to GeoGuessr. TeachMe is an edutainment company that provides family-friendly instructional games and applications.

It’s a terrific game for learning more about world geography; however, unlike GeoGuessr and City Guesser, it lacks 3D maps and movies. You receive 2D maps on which you must identify the city, state, nation, flags, etc.

It is more of a “map quiz” game and one that is incredibly engaging. However, there are no constraints on how often you may play PlayGeography every day for free.


Geotactic is the greatest free alternative to GeoGuessr that was crowdfunded. It is an adaptable, free, multiplayer geography quiz game that may be played with family and friends.

You may select from various game modes, including random street views, popular locations, and a level where you must guess the flag. There is also a game that demands you to pick the proper nation based on tips and clues.

Geotactic is free, but you must create an account to play. As part of the single-player mode, players may create a local game or choose an online lobby for the multiplayer mode. Only the person who establishes the online lobby needs an account for the latter.

Get lost

Get lost is another free alternative to GeoGuessr that focuses mostly on the United States and India. It is a game of geographical discovery that employs randomly generated street maps with clues and tips to help participants determine the location.

The game consists of five rounds, and points are awarded based on how near your estimate is to the actual Streetview location. The current maximum score for each round is 5,000.

Like Geotastic, you must establish an account to play this game. You may establish an account using your email address or log in with your Twitter or Google credentials.


Seterra is one of the greatest free alternatives to GeoGuessr for users of uncommon languages in 2022. It has entertaining questions that will help you become acquainted with nations, capital cities, flags, rivers, lakes, and noteworthy geological features.

Nine distinct game types present unique challenges. In addition, Seterra Online has a ‘voice’ tool that assists users in learning the right pronunciation of country, city, and place names.

The game features over 400 maps in over 40 languages, including some somewhat obscure ones.

Must check:

Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World is a fun geography trivia game with a fantastic premise and a heavy focus on the multiplayer experience. Each play consists of one hider choosing a place somewhere in the World and one to five seekers attempting to identify the location based on Google Street View photographs.

As a hider, your objective is to choose a challenging position since the more accurately the seekers predict your location, the fewer points you receive. As a seeker, you get more points for making better guesses.

World Geography Games

World Geography Games provides a fun and instructive quizzes for children, students, adults, and elders interested in learning about the World.

The quizzes contain questions about all the countries. According to the creators, they are useful for people “whether (they) are studying for an exam, seeking a free interactive whiteboard resource, or researching for their next vacation destination,” according to the creators.

The game should also assist instructors in elementary school, secondary school, homeschooling, and tutoring in enjoyably engaging their pupils.

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