9+ Best GeoGuessr Free Alternatives You Can Play Right Now

2013’s GeoGuessr is a geography-based game platform. It utilizes Google Maps’ street view to display photographs while participants identify their locations.

GeoGuessr was once free. Previously, you could access all services for free, but the platform is now paid.

The free version is restricted and low quality, diminishing the platform’s appeal to users.

If you are a GeoGuessr user searching for a replacement, consider the 10 best GeoGuessr alternatives listed below. The list also contains free alternatives.

Best GeoGuessr Free Alternatives


The Seterra app makes learning geography enjoyable. It contains quizzes about the continents and nations of the World.

This platform provides information on country capitals, cities, rivers, lakes, etc. In addition to quizzes, Seterra offers various pdf maps of nations and towns for printing.

Seterra provides access to additional game modes than GeoGuessr. There are five game types available on GeoGuessr: explorer mode, country streak, pro leagues, daily challenge, and battle royale.

In the meanwhile, Seterra offers nine game modes, including showing all, learn, multiple, choice, pin, pin difficult, type, type easily, and type with auto-complete.

During gameplay, you may effortlessly move from one game mode to another.

In contrast to GeoGuessr’s map creator, Seterra requires you to modify an existing map quiz to create a custom quiz.

Seterra can be translated into 39 languages, whereas GeoGuessr can be translated into 10. This makes Seterra a superior option to GeoGuessr.


Play Geography has some intriguing maps of geography. The platform is the property of TeachMe. Notably, TeachMe is a platform that provides millions of people with instructional games and apps.

In addition to PlayGeography, TeachMe also offers MathGames, TypeRacer, and EdShelf. PlayGeography offers 92 maps and almost 12,000 questions.

Similar to GeoGuessr, PlayGeography has five distinct game types available. However, the game types on both systems are very dissimilar.

The game modes of PlayGeography include nation location, flags, capitals, and provinces. Each level includes more than 10 games, which have 30 questions.

Different difficulty settings may be chosen for each game mode. In addition, each game is timed, and the quicker you answer the question, the more points you receive.

The PlayGeography platform is available without charge. All game types are free to play but are only accessible online via the website.

GeoGuessr offers mobile apps, but PlayGeography does not. Consequently, GeoGuessr is considerably more convenient than PlayGeography. Despite this, PlayGeography’s website is responsive across all device types. Additionally, users need not download or install anything.

Compared to GeoGuessr, which has a help center and user forum, PlayGeography does not provide as many support resources.

You may only communicate with the platform owners via email or postal mail. In addition, a contact form is included.

Geoguessr Free
Geoguessr Free

City Guesser

Here is an effective, free alternative to GeoGuessr in our list. GeoGuessr inspired the creator, and he created the game in 2020, just after GeoGuessr became a paid service.

However, it is significantly simpler than GeoGuessr. It is a browser-based geography game that has been released and is available to all users. Despite its youth, City Guesser has already been published on prominent websites such as PCGamer, Product Hunt, and The Burn-In.

To play, choose a location, choose the difficulty level, and begin guessing. You may choose from global, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Notably, City Guesser allows you to play trivia about monuments.

You have the opportunity to tour monuments from various corners of the World.


Geotactic is a geography game that was crowdfunded. You interpret your surroundings to determine where you are in the game.

It is a versatile game in which you may navigate your surroundings using a street view or use the maps to guess. Moreover, participants receive free guesses that serve as suggestions.

Geotactic is yet another option to GeoGuessr that enables multiple players. Users may either establish a local game or an online lobby game for single-player games.

Only the creator has to have an account for multiplayer. Even without an account, other players can enter the lobby and participate in the game.

In addition to single-player and multiplayer modes, Geotastic includes a challenge mode.

Must check:

Get lost

Get lost is another GeoGuessr-inspired alternative. It is an application that uses street view maps to present random places for users to identify.

In seconds, you may establish a gaming account with no verification necessary.

This alternative to GeoGuessr does not support numerous game modes. However, the gameplay is distinctive. The location on the screen may be identified by examining the street-side photographs or by clicking anywhere on the displayed map.

Although North America and India are the most prevalent, Get lost has destinations worldwide.

The number of points you receive for each correct estimate depends on how close you are to the real place. The shorter the distance in miles, the more points you receive.

For example, you can get up to 20,000 points for a journey of fewer than five miles but only 50 points for a distance of more than 500 miles.

Hide & Seek World

Once again, hide & Seek World is a geo game that GeoGuessr inspired. In contrast to GeoGuessr, however, Hide & Seek World is a completely multiplayer platform.

You can join a random game or create a game for friends. There are two multiplayer game modes: Classic Match, in which you hide and search for your friends, and Discover Wolly, in which you compete with your friends to find the mascot.

The multiplayer game options in the Hide & Seek environment are intriguing. You hide in a place of your choosing while other players attempt to guess where you are.

World Geography Games

This platform was created for children and people who wish to test and enhance their geographic knowledge.

It contains various engaging map activities that go beyond simple location guessing. You may take a geography quiz regarding countries, flags, capitals, regions, mountains, deserts, etc.

World Geography Games, like GeoGuessr, include maps of 193 nations (UN member states).

However, certain Asian, Caribbean, and South American nations are included. World Geography Games do not need the creation of an account.

World Geography Games offers a wider variety of games than GeoGuessr. Almost any geographical aspect can be the subject of geographical trivia.


Ducksters is another great option for GeoGuessr on our list. In addition to geography, you may study history, biography, and science on the site. The Geography section provides information about countries and more.

Various mapping games are provided on the platform. Ducksters is a perfect alternative to GeoGuessr for learning about US geography and US states.

Similarly, this platform encompasses all continents. You can take a quiz to recognize terrain, seas, lakes, deserts, glaciers, islands, ecosystems, and other geographical phenomena. Other maps include the United States political map and the Antarctic map.

Both GeoGuessr and Ducksters include unique game modes. With Ducksters, you may play various geography-related games, like crossword puzzles, word searches, guess the nation, and geography hangman.

Lizard Point

This is an online quiz platform for geography and other disciplines, such as art, math, etc. It derives its name from a spot on the Lizard peninsula in the United Kingdom.

It was created to promote enjoyable education, and unlike GeoGuessr, it is free to use. The website contains just advertisements, and users can give to support its maintenance.

On Lizard Point, you may access several different quiz styles. The quiz that allows you to identify European nations on a map is the most popular.

Similar to how you may make your maps with GeoGuessr, you can also design your quizzes with Lizard Point. It’s simple; select questions regarding locations of interest.

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