Naomi Judd Husband Net Worth (2022), Who Is Larry Strickland? And All Insights We Know

Naomi Judd’s Husband, Larry Strickland is a musician and he also served in the army for a few years.

In this article, we will cover Larry Strickland’s net worth and other details.

What Is the Net Worth of Larry Strickland?

According to several estimates, Larry Strickland has an anticipated net worth of around $1 million. 

Personal Life

On May 6, 1989, Larry Strickland tied the knot with Naomi Judd. Both of them were passionate about music. Larry Strickland began singing in the church when he was really young.

Further, he revealed how that experience really immersed deep inside him early as a young kid and he began singing soon as a teenager. He embarked on becoming a world-class bass player soon enough since he joined the 1970s band The Stamps Quartet.

The couple always appeared together when Naomi made a number of appearances again on the country music stage.

Even Naomi Judd once teased regarding the secret of her loving relationship is the snore guard! Previously, Naomi stated how her husband has the habit of snoring and he got himself a snore guard once for Valentine’s Day.  The successful singer also emphasized the significance of having 2 separate bathrooms.


Larry began teaching himself and actually put effort into his voice learning how to read music. He revealed it has been a part of him ever since and has helped his wife as well in her career after Naomi took a hiatus from The Judds.

Naomi Judd Husband Net Worth
Larry Strickland

He became her supporter and handled the workings of a Hallmark Channel television show named Naomi’s New Morning which ran for two successful seasons.

In Fact, he endorsed her memoir River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope and other self-help books. He always became Naomi’s rock and went on to be her side in her acting roles in the films like Lifetime’s The Killing Game.

From 1966 to 1970, he also served in the army.

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