White Rodgers Thermostat Not Working: 9 Causes & Fixes

A White Rodgers thermostat is an excellent household appliance. It helps keep your home’s temperature and the atmosphere comfortable.

Providing you with a warm and inviting place to call home. However, what do you do if it stops working? And how can it be quickly and readily resolved?

Why is my White Rodgers thermostat not working?

Your White Rodgers thermostat is not functioning due to power connection problems. Its usual reasons include a low battery, a tripped circuit breaker, a power interruption, faulty wirings, and old age.

It may also look inactive when the temperature setting is on hold or the same as the ambient temperature.

Incorrect setup

“I have just finished installing my White Rodgers thermostat. But that doesn’t work…” perhaps you have misconfigured your thermostat. (Unless it was faulty, to begin with) Thermostats from White Rodgers are so simple to install and program.

Depending on the model, you need to hardwire it into your home’s electrical system. Alternatively, you may install batteries and mount the thermostat on the wall.

However, it would help to establish a temperature and automation schedule to function. And recording requires pressing precise buttons.

If you have not yet done so, your thermostat will not function. Regardless of the number of times, you restart your device.

How to correct:

If your newly-installed White Rodgers thermostat is not functioning, re-configure it. First, ensure that the batteries are correctly installed. Or the cables are properly linked.

Then, customize its temperature and automation schedule to your specifications.

To program a White Rodgers basic thermostat:

  • Toggle the “cold” or “hot” toggle switch.
  • Select “PRGM”
  • Utilize the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature.
  • To set the time, use the “Time” button.
  • To schedule for subsequent days, press “PRGM” once again.
  • Then, select “Run” to complete the schedule and save it.

To program a White Rodgers touchscreen thermostat:

  • Press “System.”
  • Select between “cold” and “hot” modes.
  • Click “Menu.”
  • Select “Set Timetable”
  • Set the required time and temperature using the arrows.
  • Tap “Set Schedule” one more.
  • To arrange for the upcoming days, click “Advance Days.”
  • Repeat steps 4 through 6 until the schedule is full.
  • Then, hit “Run Program” to record the completed schedule.

Temperature not properly adjusted

Is your thermostat set to an appropriate temperature? If your home’s temperature is the same or higher than the programmed setting, your White Rodgers thermostat may indicate “not functioning.”

The purpose of a thermostat is to regulate the temperature in your house. And it cannot do so if its temperature setting corresponds to the actual room temperature.

Consider a temperature setting of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius). Your thermostat will not function if your home has already reached the desired temperature.

Or if your residence is at 72 Fahrenheit (22.2 Celsius). Which is over the temperature specified.

How to correct:

Compare the actual temperature to the temperature that has been set. If so, you must adjust the temperature setting. Ensure that the temperature is below the actual room temperature.

To assist you, here is a simple guide:

  • Temperature is a constant value.
  • A blinking number shows the actual room temperature.
  • Simply clicking the up and down buttons will allow you to adjust the set temperature.
White Rodgers Thermostat
White Rodgers Thermostat

Set temperature on hold

“Today, I’ve created two timetables. But the temperature on my thermostat did not change!” In this situation, the temperature setting may be on hold.

If you look attentively, there is a “hold” button on your White Rodgers thermostat.

This button allows users to lock their selected temperature. When enabled, the thermostat’s temperature will not change. That is, your established timetables will not operate as planned.

This will preserve the temperature setting indefinitely. Unless you reset your thermostat’s settings.

Although it might be a disadvantage, you can also utilize the “hold” setting to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home.

How to correct:

The only method to disable the “hold” option is to activate the program on your thermostat.

And you may accomplish this simply by pressing “Run” once. This approach is compatible with both standard and touchscreen White Rodgers thermostats.

Low battery

Utilize a White Rodgers 70-series thermostat. If so, the battery may already be low or completely depleted. Some White Rodgers thermostats are battery-operated.

Once their batteries are depleted, they will cease functioning. If you use a battery-powered thermostat, the screen should display a battery icon.

Four bars indicate that the battery in your thermostat is in optimal condition.

One bar signifies that the battery is nearly dead. And the batteries must be replaced promptly.

Suppose the thermostat’s display is empty. Consider that a sign that your thermostat’s batteries are already dead.

And you will only be able to access it once the batteries have been changed.

How to correct:

Immediately replace the batteries in your thermostats if:

  • The thermostat display is blank.
  • The battery symbol has one remaining bar.
  • Schedules that are predetermined cannot be documented.
  • The buttons and touch displays are inoperable.
  • Each thermostat model from White Rodgers requires a particular battery type.

For instance, 1F80-51 models require three AA batteries. At the same time, 1F72 versions use 2 AAA batteries.

Consequently, you need to consult your user handbook to determine which sort of battery to purchase.

Here’s how to change the batteries in a White Rodgers thermostat:

  • Turn the thermostat off.
  • Remove the object off the wall.
  • Remove the lid from the battery compartment.
  • Remove any worn-out batteries.
  • Insert the fresh battery pack.
  • Bring back the back cover.
  • Verify that the screen is lit up.
  • Check to see whether the battery is full.
  • The thermostat must then be remounted to the wall.

Following these steps, your White Rodgers thermostat should function properly.

Power interruption

“My thermostat stopped functioning after a power outage. What ought I to do?

Blackouts disrupt the electricity to hardwired equipment. Causing gadgets to cease operating and shut off. Typically, you may restart your gadget by turning it on.

However, White Rodgers thermostats may be delayed by a few minutes. You will have the ability to activate your thermostat. And see its display illuminate. However, you cannot yet modify its parameters. You may also observe that the time shown is inaccurate.

How to correct:

To address the issue, just let your device reset itself. Please wait a few minutes. Check to check that the time and temperature are accurately reset. If it does not, you must reset your thermostat.

Each series of White Rodgers thermostats has its reset procedure. Check the directions listed below for details.

Circuit breaker trip

  • “Suddenly, my White Rodgers thermostat quit functioning!”
  • Have you evaluated the circuit breaker? Is it deactivated?
  • If so, then this is the source of the issue.
  • Your gadget will shut off after the thermostat circuit breaker has tripped.

Several factors might cause the circuit breaker to trip.

  • Short circuit.
  • Fault in the soil
  • Overloaded circuit.
  • Circuit brakes are designed to trip when any following conditions are met.

It is quite typical. Additionally, it protects your house from electrical mishaps. Therefore, you should not be concerned about its possible electrical threat.

How to correct:

  • This exact problem is relatively simple to resolve!
  • Just reset it when you observe that the thermostat’s circuit breaker has tripped.
  • After that, you might utilize your White Rodgers thermostat normally.
  • Check your thermostat for any electrical damage to prevent this from happening again.
  • For optimal safety, call an electrician to your home. And examine your thermostat for any potential damage or electrical problems.

Damaged wirings

Ground faults and short circuits are both causes of tripped circuit breakers. What are the causes of short circuits and ground faults?

Wirings are defective and damaged. And this occurs owing to:

  • Overheating.
  • Power surges.
  • Voltage surges.

If your White Rodgers thermostat is malfunctioning, the wiring may be damaged. This is especially true for thermostats that are hardwired.

Thermostats receive electricity from electrical wirings; they may malfunction. Or, even worse, shut down entirely.

How to correct:

  • You will never know whether your thermostat’s wiring is broken until you inspect the cables.
  • To accomplish this, you must demount your device from the wall. And evaluate its wiring.

Here are some potential harm indicators to watch for:

  • Bite marks.
  • Burnt wires.
  • Explicit wiring.
  • Unconnected wiring.
  • If you are proficient in all aspects of electrical, go ahead and address the wiring problems.

If not, however, it is preferable to contact an electrician.

Must check:

Use and tear

“I’ve already been using my thermostat for years. Then, it ceased operating gradually…”

White Rodgers thermostats can deteriorate like any other gadget.

If you’ve been using your equipment for years, it may no longer function due to old age. The hardware, buttons, and thermostat mechanism will break, especially because homeowners regularly utilize it.

Plus, aged equipment is more prone to harm. Therefore, the failure of your thermostat after several years should not come as a surprise.

Here are several symptoms that a White Rodgers thermostat is worn:

  • Defective buttons.
  • Slow display response
  • The schedule is not active.
  • Constantly resetting the device.
  • Incorrect temperature and time.

How to correct:

  • If you observe any worn-out signs above your thermostat, you should replace them.
  • You cannot troubleshoot a piece of malfunctioning equipment caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Therefore, your best choice is to replace the thermostat.

Defective HVAC system

“However, I have checked everything. “My thermostat is in excellent shape…” Consequently, the issue must be with your HVAC system.

The operation of your thermostat depends on your HVAC system. Therefore, if they become defective, your thermostat will as well. Your White Rodgers thermostat will not function if your HVAC system is:

  • Damaged.
  • Off or off.
  • Disconnected.
  • Filled with filth.

Any of these can affect the condition and ambiance of your property. Making it difficult for your thermostat to monitor and balance the temperature in your house.

How to correct:

  • If your thermostat is not functioning, examine the condition of your HVAC system. Verify that they are connected in and powered on.
  • Clean your HVAC system as needed. And replace components as required.
  • This will not only maintain your HVAC system in excellent shape. However, this will also considerably improve the performance of your thermostat.

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