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Setek WiFi Extender Setup Guide (Updated)

SETEK Extender Setup is incredibly simple and delivers a lightning-fast connection in homes, workplaces, and businesses. It significantly enhances Internet speed in dead zones. Press and hold the WPS button on your configured/working router and then repeat the same on your SETEK extreme WiFi range extender.

This SETEK extender is equipped with four high-speed antennae, allowing you to access the Internet at 300 Mbps. You can quickly connect your smart TV, game console, firestick, etc., to this SETEK extreme extender using an Ethernet wire.

It complements any decor and links to any device, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, surveillance cameras, Roku, etc.

Setup SETEK WiFi Extender Setup through WPS

Place the extender near the router. For optimal connectivity, position setek away from large equipment like air conditioners, microwaves, etc.


How to Configure Setek WiFi Extender via

Note: If doesn’t work, try resetting the extender, switching browsers, or trying a new mobile device or PC.

SETEK WiFi Extender features

There are two distinct SETEK WiFi range extender models available. SETEK WiFi range extender SE01 and SETEK WiFi range extender SE02 are the two versions offered.


This is the default configuration for the SETEK WiFi range extender. This mode is designed to strengthen or enhance the signal. Additionally, you may expand your smartphone’s network coverage area.

In addition, the repeater mode creates a large networking zone surrounding your house or place of business, eliminating dead zones.

Must check:

Wireless Access Point

Building a wireless network for the WiFi device is also feasible using this mode of operation. The range extender transforms the wired transmission of a device into a wireless signal that may be utilized elsewhere.

Using an Ethernet connection, connecting the wireless router and devices to the hotel/Internet room’s interface is possible.

An alternative option is using different WiFi devices to successfully build a new wireless network area.

Client mode

This mode of operation of the range extender enables wired-only devices to connect to an existing wireless network.

What is the procedure for setting up the SETEK WiFi range extender?

There are straightforward instructions for setting the SE TEK WiFi range extender. Whether you are a seasoned extender user or a total beginner makes no difference. There are three main configuration options available for the SETEK range extender.

The techniques for configuring the range extender and the required steps are detailed in the next section.

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