Rich Paul Net Worth: How Much Adele’s Current Boyfriend Earns?

Rich Paul is an American sports agent and founder of Klutch Sports Group which represents many renowned NBA players.

In this article, we will cover Rich Paul’s Net Worth, personal life, career, and others. Read the full article to know everything.

Rich Paul’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rich Paul has an estimated net worth of $120 million. He handles more than twenty NBA players and is also considered to be one of the world’s most powerful agents of sport. Paul has cracked nearest to $1 billion in deals.

While speaking about his success in the sporting world, he said “I’m a unicorn in the sports agent business. Young, African-American, and didn’t go to a prestigious business school. To make it, I tell people to not only dream big but achieve big.

I was blessed to take the leap at the right time and had success. Complacency is the cousin of satisfaction and I’m never satisfied. I’m more motivated now than ever before.”

Early Life

Rich Paul was born on December 16, 1981, in Cleveland, Ohio. He faced tough times as a child and was compelled to cope with poverty. In 1999, his father passed away, which became a significant trauma for him that he was required to get over.

In the type of neighborhood where he was raised, gun violence and drug consumption were quite common. In spite of this, his father imparted strong values to his son prior to his death and motivated him to achieve his big dreams.

Talking about his upbringing, Rich stated “When I travel back to neighborhoods like the inner city of Greater Cleveland where I’m from, young black kids tell me that they see my career as another path for them out of their troubled surroundings. They want to grow up to do what I do. That inspires me.”

He showcased an entrepreneurial spirit since he was a child. Being a teenager who had just completed his high school graduation, Rich started to sell rare sports jerseys out of the back of his car.

Paul met LeBron James at an airport by chance when he was selling his jerseys. Being fascinated with Rich’s collection, James contacted him later to buy a number of jerseys.

Personal Life

Rich Paul is dating the English singer-songwriter, Adele, as of 2021. In February 2022, Adele was spotted with a large diamond ring on her wedding ring finger on BBC’s Graham Norton show. When Norton asked Adele regarding the ring and her engagement but she neither confirmed nor denied the engagement rather just smiled and laughed.

Rich Paul Net Worth
Rich Paul


Rich Paul’s accidental interaction with LeBron James resulted in amazing success for Paul. Following he became part of LeBron’s “inner circle,” Rich got work under the well-known sports agent Leon Rose.

Reportedly, LeBron also used to pay Paul a yearly of $50,000 to act as his “glorified personal assistant.” Rich invested this period to learn everything about the sports agency world.

LeBron James suddenly left Leon Rose in 2012 in order to join Paul’s newly established, independent agency, Klutch Sports Group. However, LeBron became his first and most well-known client, he continued to expand his list remarkably.

Throughout his career, he represented big names like Ben Simmons, Anthony Davis, and Draymond Green. It was reported in 2019 that apart from his “all-star” NBA players, Rich made nearly $70 million yearly from comparatively gloomy players at the moment like Tristan Thompson, Eric Bledsoe, and Jordan Clarkson.

That same year, Rich cracked a $170 million deal incorporating the trade of Anthony Davis and this turned out to be a controversial move since the player still had 2.5 years of contract remaining with New Orleans.

With Paul’s assistance, Davis asked that he be traded. The truth that his demand was indeed provided turned into a significant point of talks in the NBA.

When Paul had previously signed LeBron James as his first client, a lot of people were doubtful regarding the agent’s skill and overall capabilities. A lot of people said he was only James’ tool and nothing else.

When he somehow pushed through a deal that enabled Davis to team up James with the Lakers, the opinion of the public changed. Paul was abruptly the real deal and a force to be relied on with. Not just that, however, now people were publicly slamming the truth that players and agents like James and Paul were “colluding” to form “super teams.”

Paul personally makes $30 million as commissions per year and in 2020, he became the third-most financially successful NBA agent. Klutch Sports Group has been growing into the NFL, and in 2020, Paul began representing defensive end, Chase Young.

The Rich Paul Rule

The NCAA introduced what has become informally popular as the “Rich Paul Rule” in 2019. This rule mentioned that in order for a sports agent to showcase college athletes who aspire to approach the NBA draft, they should meet several criteria.

As per this rule, agents are required to own a college degree and 3 years of certification with the NBPA, among other criteria.

The rule’s name is credited to the fact that Paul didn’t own a college degree when he became a sports agent and this development was criticized by many along with Rich Paul, who said in a statement “Why [doesn’t the NCAA] partner with universities on a one-year program for agents who don’t meet their requirements but want to learn the business? Or work with existing agents who play by the rules to help mentor those who are trying to ‘break in?'” The ruling efficiently stopped the Rich Paul “phenomenon” from happening again.

This led to increasing pressure upon the NCAA as a lot of people said the organization was “rigging the game” against people from poor backgrounds similar to Paul and consequently, the NCAA had to cancel the rule.


Rich Paul has been the recipient of extensive appreciation for his achievements, and he has been viewed as a “Cinderella story.” Due to his “rags to riches” path to prominence, there were a lot of people supporting him.

He also received compliments from fellow agents, like Arn Tellem, who said “Rich is a good listener, has humility, has worked as much as anyone trying to learn, and, most important, he’s sincere and has empathy.

So, he connects and understands what his clients are trying to achieve. He builds incredible personal relationships, and they believe in him. That’s the essence of a good agent.”

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