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Duraflame Heater Flashing ER and E3 (Easy Solutions)

Looking for a Duraflame Heating Manual with instructions for the remote control and heater troubleshooting? You are viewing the relevant article. By reading the entire essay, you will learn the definitive guide to the subject.

  • Duraflame Heater Diagnostics
  • Duraflame Heater Instructions for Operation
  • Duraflame Remote Control Instructions
  • Duraflame Infrared Heater Particularizations
  • Advantages of Duraflame Infrared Heaters

Duraflame Heater Manual- Ultimate Guide

To fully comprehend the Duraflame heater instructions, first examine Duraflame infrared quartz heater troubleshooting.

Duraflame Infrared Heater Maintenance

The following are frequent Duraflame heater issues you may encounter when using Duraflame infrared heaters, along with their straightforward solutions:

Duraflame Heater Will Not Activate

There are three potential causes if you discover that your heater won’t switch on manually:

  • There is no power flowing from the outlet or buttons.
  • Errors in the operation of the heater
  • A malfunctioning button on the screen
  • faulty blower motor


  • Examine the circuit breakers first. Unplug the power cord and connect it to a different outlet. If the issue occurs with the first issue, it will be resolved.
  • However, manually hit the heater’s main power button if the problem persists. It will provide the answer.
  • If the problem persists following the second step, replace the control panel and circuit board. Hopefully, it will provide the answer.
  • Replace the blower or reassemble the blower if the blower motor is defective.

Duraflame Heater Constantly Turns Off

Your Duraflame infrared heater keeps switching off due to overheating caused by the heat’s dirt collection, a clogged air filter, a blown a fuse, and a malfunctioning thermostat.


  • To resolve the overheating issue, clean the whole heater and the air filter and ensure sufficient circulation within the heater.
  • Replace the thermostat if it is faulty.
  • Check the blown a fuse and replace it if necessary.
  • If the problem persists after resolving these issues, you may read our thorough explanation of why the Duraflame heater keeps shutting off and how to fix it.
Duraflame Heater
Duraflame Heater

The Duraflame heater’s fan does not work.

Your heater’s fan will malfunction if the air filter becomes clogged with dust or if the motor fails. In addition, if your heater fails to achieve the desired temperature, the fan will cease working.

In addition, loose wiring, a malfunctioning temperature gauge, and the heater’s cool-down cycle are responsible for the failure of your heater fan.


  • Clean the air filter of the heater.
  • Replace the fan motor if it becomes faulty.
  • If your heater cannot achieve the desired temperature, you must reset it.
  • Replace the temperature sensor or heating thermostat in the case of the temperature gauge.
  • Check for and repair any loose wire connections within the heater.
  • And during the cool-down cycle, no action is required. Following the cycle, the fan will resume operation.
  • You may also read our comprehensive tutorial on fixing a Duraflame heater’s malfunctioning fan for a deeper understanding.

Duraflame Heater Does Not Generate Any Heat

When you notice that your Duraflame heater is not producing enough heat, check for a malfunctioning thermostat, blower motor, and improper ducting installation.


  • Try the following methods if your Duraflame heater stops producing heat:
  • Check the thermostat to see whether it is defective. If it is malfunctioning, the thermostat should be replaced.
  • Examine the blower motor now. When defective, replace it with a new one.
  • Lastly, check that the ducting installation is satisfactory.

Heater Does Not Generate Sufficient Heat

Due to the power strip or surge protector, the heater cannot generate sufficient heat. It may also be due to the usage of an extension cable and the outside position of the unit.


In such situations, disconnect the device and then reconnect it straight to an internal wall outlet.

The Duraflame Heater is Emitting Chilly Air

The incorrect installation of the heater blower or a malfunctioning blower is the primary reason your heater produces chilly air.


If your Duraflame heater is not producing hot air, you must replace the blower unit. The issue will be resolved, and you will observe that the heater emits warm air once again.

Duraflame Heater Continues to Beep

While turning off your heater, you may see that it emits a beeping sound. There may also be a noise issue when flames are present. Due to the malfunctioning flame generator drive motor, gauge back panel, and deformed spinner shaft, the issue manifests itself.

In addition, you may realize that your unit makes noise when you switch on your heater. A filthy blower motor causes a beeping sound when you switch on your Duraflame. The dirt causes the heater blower to fail and causes your Duraflame heater to make noise.


To remedy the beeping noise, you hear while turning on your Duraflame infrared heater, remove the heater blower, acquire a vacuum, and carefully clean the heater blower vents. Install the heater blower again. You will discover the answer.

Replace the heater’s flame generator drive motor if it makes noise when turning off or starting the flame. Nevertheless, if the issue persists, you should contact Duraflame’s customer support.

Must check:

Duraflame Heater No Flame

The most common reason why the flame on your Duraflame heater stops operating is faulty bulbs. In addition, a malfunctioning flame-controlling switch and a blown a fuse may be responsible for your heater’s non-functioning flame.


Replace the bulbs if the light on your Duraflame heater has gone out.

Replace the switch that controls the flame and the blow a fuse.

Electrical Cord Gets Warm

The issue is caused by a faulty outlet or a loose plug.


Examine the cable and plug connection of your heater. A defective wall outlet or loose connector can heat the outlet or socket.

Ensure that the plug fits snugly into the outlet. Heaters consume more electricity than smaller appliances. It is possible for the outlet to overheat, even if this has not occurred using other equipment.

The Remote Control Does Not Function

Problems with the Duraflame remote control may occur when the remote control is missing batteries or battery power. It might be due to a weak signal or your distance. Continuously hitting buttons in rapid succession may render the transmitter inoperable.


  • Install fresh batteries before troubleshooting the remote control. Press the remote control buttons evenly and with light pressure.
  • Use the remote from less than 20 feet away from the heater’s front. And it would be best if you always operated the remote with the control panel of your heater in view. Hopefully, you will be able to resolve your remote control problems.

Temperature Display Does Not Match Room Temperature

Follow the below recommendations if your heater’s display temperature does not match the temperature received by the thermostat.


  • Hold the timer button until 00 flashes, followed by a single digit between -9 degrees and 9 degrees.
  • Remove the timer button and adjust the temperature variation up to +/- 9 degrees using the up/down arrow buttons.
  • After 10 seconds of inactivity, the heater will leave the thermostat calibration.

Not Working Duraflame Heater Flame

If the flame on your heater is not moving, there are two potential causes:

  • Faulty flame generator driving motor
  • In addition, the spinner is separated from the heating motor.


  • Replace the current flame generating driving motor with a new one. Remove the ember bed, the rear panel, and the metal bracket. Then, verify whether the spinner of the heater is mounted appropriately to the motor.
  • If it is not mounted properly, remount it and replace the back panel, metal bracket, and ember bed. The situation will be resolved.
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