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What is Ben Affleck’s Net Worth 2022? How Wealthy Jennifer Lopez’s Partner is Today?

Born as Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, popular as Ben Affleck, an American film director, actor, screenwriter, and producer. He has given us many wonderful movies and has been the recipient of 3 Golden Globe Awards and 2 Academy Awards.

In this article, we will cover Ben Affleck’s net worth, career highlights, and many others.

What is the Net Worth of Ben Affleck?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ben Affleck has an estimated net worth of $150 million. Ben earned huge paychecks as a leading man. For the sale of the “Good Will Hunting” screenplay, he as well as Matt Damon made $300,000 each whereas $6 million from “Reindeer Games”.

He earned a whopping $10 million each from “Changing Lanes” and “The Sum of All Fears.” From the successful “Daredevil” and “Gigli,” he earned $11.5 million and $12.5 million, respectively.

Early Life

Ben was born in Berkeley, California on 15 August 1972. He is the child of Chris and Tim Affleck and his father was an aspiring playwright who worked many types of jobs to earn a living, as an electrician, carpenter, janitor, and bookie whereas his mother used to teach in school.

When he was 3, the family relocated to Falmouth, Massachusetts. He also has a younger brother, Casey. Later, the family settled in Cambridge. His parents were divorced later.

In Cambridge, his family was a lot involved in the arts. Ben and his brother performed in theaters when they were young and used to spend time with people who were involved in the arts.

A local casting agent was friends with his mother who used to arrange auditions for Ben and his brother. Though his mother always supported him to act, she never wanted him to choose an acting career rather she wanted him to take on teaching as a career.

When he was 8, Ben met Matt Damon, who was two years older than him and they became friends for life. Both of them took acting classes together and later, they began their Hollywood careers together as well.

Personal Life

Ben has been rumored to date many well-known celebrities. During the period 2002 to 2004, he reportedly was in a relationship with singer Jennifer Lopez. The media just could not get enough of “Bennifer” and paps used to follow their every step.

Though the couple had been in the tabloids before, Ben wasn’t actually habituated to the continuous limelight and scrutiny at such a level. In 2002, Ben and Jennifer got engaged through the couple postponed their scheduled wedding in 2003 because of excessive media attention. The duo split up the next year.

In 2005, Ben tied the knot with Jennifer Garner and they have 3 children together. In 2015, after around ten years of their marriage, the couple separated and in late 2018, their divorce was finalized.

In 2001, Ben went to residential therapy for alcoholism and in 2017, he returned again 2018. He had a public slip-up in 2019, following a year of sobriety but committed not to allow it to disturb his progress.

Career Beginnings

At the age of 7, Ben did his first professional acting job which was a local independent film. From the age of 8 to 15, Ben appeared in the PBS kid’s series named “Voyage of the Mimi” and “Second Voyage of the Mimi.”

After that, he starred in the ABC after-school special titled “Wanted: A Perfect Man” and the TV film titled “Hands of a Stranger”.

Ben Affleck's Net Worth
Ben Affleck

In 1990, Ben graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and after that, he portrayed small parts in many films, along with 1991’s Daddy, 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and School Ties.

Ben often landed the character of a bully or jock. Ben appeared in the NBC series titled “Against the Grain” in which he played a football player and later landed in the HBO series titled “Body to Die For: The Aaron Henry Story” and in it also portrayed a football player.

Then he portrayed a high school bully in the now-legendary Richard Linklater movie titled “Dazed and Confused.” In 1995, he landed a supporting role in the drama named “School Ties.”

Though earlier also he starred in several projects, the movie which actually rose him to the spotlight overnight was “Good Will Hunting,” in which he also served as co-writer and acted as well alongside his childhood buddy Matt Damon.

The script started as a 40-page assignment for Damon’s playwriting class at Harvard University; then, when both of them resided together in Los Angeles, they started working together in order to enlarge it into a screenplay.

Both of them were annoyed by just landing into the small supporting and background roles they had been given up to that point, hence, they aspired to focus on such a project where they could make the significant decisions themselves.

In 1997, “Good Will Hunting” was released and was critically acclaimed, both for the acting and the screenplay. The movie made Ben and Matt overnight stars and soon both of them started getting bigger roles because of their stellar performances in the film.

Ben and Matt Damon Collaboration

Affleck and Damon were childhood friends and from a very young age, they knew that they wanted to take up acting, therefore, they came together to accomplish their goal.

When they started their career in the industry, they had a joint bank account where they used to put all of their earnings from their acting assignments. They utilized those earnings for train or plane tickets to get to auditions.

The close buddies founded a production company named Pearl Street Films in 1998. They then set up another production company named LivePlanet.

The biggest achievement for LivePlanet became the documentary television series titled “Project Greenlight” which focused on offering young filmmakers a platform to helm their first feature movie.

Ben and Kevin Smith Collaboration

Ben and director Kevin Smith have worked together several times. In 1995, their friendship and the working relationship started when Ben played a supporting role in Smith’s film titled “Mallrats.” In his next film, Smith wrote a leading character for Affleck titled “Chasing Amy.”

Since then, Affleck has been in every View Askewniverse movie made by Kevin Smith, along with “Dogma,” “Clerks II,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.”

Affleck has also been part of many other successful films. His other critically acclaimed movies include “Shakespeare in Love,” “The Sum of All Fears,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “Changing Lanes.”

Not all of them were home runs, but; a lot of his films turned out as huge hits at the box office and one specific disappointment was 2003’s “Daredevil”, which the actor later stated was the sole film he had regretted creating.


During the initial years of their career, Ben was interested in directing and learned all he could from the directors with whom he worked. He made his directorial debut with the 2007 movie “Gone Baby Gone.”

Later, he served as co-writer, producer, and director for the 2010 film titled “The Town”. He produced, directed, and starred in the 2012 “Argo”, which became a huge commercial as well as critical success.

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