How To Make a Gap Credit Card Payment And How To Login?

Customers who often shop at Gap or any of its sibling businesses might benefit from obtaining a Gap credit card. When you use the Gap credit card or Gap Visa credit card offered by Synchrony Bank, you not only have additional time to pay for purchases, but you can also earn benefits.

You may use your Gap credit card at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and branded outlet stores. Gap Visa cards are accepted at any locations that accept Visa payments.

To maintain your account in good standing after making purchases, you must make the necessary payments before the due date. You may pay your Gap credit card bill online, via mail, or phone. Currently, shops do not accept Gap credit cards for payment. Here are further details on your payment alternatives.

How the Gap Credit Card Works

GapCard, the store’s credit card, is available in several variations. The most fundamental choice is a store-only card that may be used at Gap locations and the Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, and Intermix. Additionally, it may be used for internet purchases.

Additionally, consumers may apply for a Gap card connected with Visa. This card may be used everywhere Visa is accepted, and bonus points are accrued for the Gap rewards program, but at a slower pace than in Gap family stores. Cash advances are available to Visa cardholders for 4 percent or $10, whichever is greater. 1

Rewards and Benefits

On their first purchase of Gap products, new cards enjoy a 20% discount. One point is accumulated for every dollar spent at retailers belonging to the Gap family. Visa-enabled cards used at retailers other than Gap get one point for every dollar spent.

These points may be exchanged for $5 rewards every 500 points, thus granting a 5 percent discount on any Gap retail purchases made with the card.

Additionally, cardholders receive a variety of bonuses and invitations to special events. There are also birthday bonus incentives and a waiver of the return receipt policy.

Members will achieve higher membership status levels with extra perks based on the total number of Qualifying Purchases upon hitting specific milestones. Three layers are present:

  • CORE: < $500 in annual brand spend
  • ENTHUSIAST: Cardmembers start at the Enthusiast level, and Members reach this level with a $500-$999 annual spend
  • ICON: 5,000+ points as a Cardmember or $1,000+ in annual brand spend

How To Make a Gap Credit Card Payment Online

Register for internet access to pay your Gap credit card online. Here is how:

  • Visit the Cardmember Account Service sign-in page.
  • Register by clicking here.
  • Enter your account number and postal code.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create the account.

After registering, you may log in to finish the payment. Here is how:

  • Go to the login page and log into your Gap credit card account.
  • Select “Pay your bill.”
  • Enter your bank’s name, account number, and routing number.
  • Select the desired payment amount. You may make the minimum payment or pay the sum from your prior statement, your current balance, or any amount up to your current balance.
  • Make a payment.
  • If you do not wish to log in, you can utilize the “Pay as Guest” tool on the Cardmember Account Services page. Include your card number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your billing ZIP code. Then, follow the instructions to submit payment.

How To Make a Gap Credit Card Payment by Mail

You may also send your Gap payment. Write a cheque or money order for the minimum amount due. Include the payment with the payment coupon from your billing statement, or include the account number on the check. Then, mail everything to the address associated with your card.

Gap Credit Card Login
Gap Credit Card Login

How To Make a Gap Credit Card Payment by Phone

Additionally, Gap offers free telephone credit card payments. Collect your credit card information, bank account number, and bank routing number to pay by phone.

Must check:

Who Benefits the Most?

Those who shop at the Gap family of businesses, particularly those who qualify for status upgrades, gain the most from this card. Those whose primary clothing needs are fulfilled by Gap will benefit from the bonus point increase.

The Interest Rate and Terms for The Gap Credit Card

The initial discount is exclusive to Gap-brand products. No items from a third party are eligible. Tuesday discounts might not apply to all Gap family shops.

Exclusions include Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, and Banana Republic Factory Stores. The annual percentage rate (APR) is 25.99 percent, which is over 10 percent more than the typical bank-issued credit card.

Late Fees for Gap Cards

If your Gap credit card payment is late, you may be charged a late fee. The standard fine for being late is $29. However, if you have been charged a late fee within the prior six billing cycles, the amount will increase to $40.

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