Who is Kurt Perez? The Blacklist season 9 premieres title card tribute

What is the identity of Kurt Perez? Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist, season 9, closed with an emotional title card dedicated to a world-favorite individual.

Perez, for those unaware, was an integral member of the show’s staff and the unsung hero behind most of what you see on-screen. We are aware that several coworkers cherished him on the NBC series.

Earlier in the day, we published a video from two hair and makeup department employees celebrating the completion of season 9 filming. Even in that message, there was an homage to Perez. He went away earlier this year at a far too early age.

Eight or nine months of the year are spent working extraordinarily long hours, so it seems sensible that crews for shows like this are close-knit.

Blacklist Season 9
Blacklist Season 9

Frequently, these individuals become your family and your home away from home. You share memories with them while contributing to your trade and a bigger purpose.

Title cards are one of the finest ways for a program to honor those who labor behind the scenes.

These things will last into the future, and anybody who observes them will have the opportunity to learn about these individuals and contemplate them. Otherwise, we may not learn anything about crew personnel and those who are not visible on-screen.

We hope that this title card serves as a reminder to Kurt Perez’s family and loved ones of how important he was to The Blacklist family and that they will remember him for as long as production continues.

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This production has done a wonderful job of honoring individuals who have worked on it throughout the years, and we expect this tendency to continue.

Our thoughts are with Perez’s family and loved ones during this terrible time.

The Blacklist season 9 release date

Six months after the U.S. debut of season nine, the United Kingdom will finally discover what all the excitement is about when The Blacklist premieres.

You can see it on Sky Max or NOW TV on Wednesday, May 11 at 9 pm. Should you accept it, the next goal is to avoid any online spoilers for season nine, especially since the finale is scheduled to broadcast on May 20 in the United States.

The 22-episode season premiered in October 2021 but has been plagued by problems that have caused it to air intermittently on its U.S. home network, NBC.

(So, if it’s any consolation, US fans have had to exert the same amount of work trying to figure out where the program was in the schedule.)

Five episodes into its premiere on October 21, it was moved to a different slot in the television lineup. It returned on December 9 after a two-week vacation for one week, before taking its Christmas break and returning on January 6 to play through episode nine before being paused for a little while. It ultimately resumed operation on February 25.

All this back-and-forth has been a bit of a roller coaster for those attempting to follow an already convoluted narrative, but it now looks to have stabilized.

The Blacklist season 9 plot

With Liz’s death, there was likely to be a significant shift in the dynamics of the program since she had significant ties with both Red and Ressler.

The ninth season jumps two years into the future, meeting up with the FBI Task Force as they attempt to move on from the death of one of their own.

At the beginning of the season, it is revealed that the team has disbanded, with Red vanishing after Liz’s death. Nonetheless, it does not take long for them to reunite, especially because Red has subsequently learned who may have been behind Liz’s attack. However, old grudges and tensions linger deep, and Red is eager to assign blame for what he feels was a preventable tragedy.

Dembe, who is now an FBI agent, was the spark when he and his colleague were maimed and died. Having recruited the task team, they resume their search for Red. Despite Red’s return, their relationships are more fragmented than ever, and the absence of Liz for two years has dealt a devastating blow to everyone.

Dembe attempts to eliminate Red’s business rival, the Baptiste Boukman, but inadvertently kills his son. To atone for his transgressions, Dembe later joins the FBI in the hopes of doing good.

Red discovers through GPS data that Vandyke could not have followed Dembe on the day of Liz’s murder, which indicates that someone else led Vandyke to Liz.

After making amends with Dembe, he and he are now determined to find the identity of the strange individual who assisted Vandyke.

The seventh episode depicts Ressler’s life following Liz’s death in a special episode concentrating on his emotions. After discovering her body, he pursued Red with a vengeance that led to a drunken vehicle accident, a return to prescription medicine, and his pistol and badge surrender as he spiraled.

Two years later, he appears better prepared to face the world without Liz.

Red’s health is a concern in other episodes of the series, which has led to rumors that he may be eliminated. As many predict, if season nine is the last installment of the series, this may be the ideal way to go out.

In a somewhat peculiar setting, the season’s timing has been confirmed. You may recall why James Spader shaved his head for the pilot of The Blacklist…

During the Television Critics Tour in Beverly Hills, Spader stated, “Actors are burdened by everything they’ve done previously, any character they’ve played, and I thought it would be good to take off my hat as a completely different person” (via EW).

Spader said, “I felt that would be a beautiful moment when he surrenders and removes his hat, juxtaposed with his sight with long hair [as shown in his mug shot].”

“His existence for the past two decades has consisted of traveling from place to place. I believed he should have a haircut that he could do himself if desired or visit a barbershop in Cambodia and get his hair trimmed in 10 minutes. His clothing is also similar. His attire is suitable for both a bank and a cave.”

During a recent interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the presenter questioned Spader that he had cut his hair even shorter for season nine.

“I saw from the footage that your head was shaved,” stated Meyers. “Is it a wig, or did you truly…”

“No, no, no,” Spader answered. “It’s a head shave. It is not much farther than this, “He stated while referring to his short haircut.

“This year begins two years after the last one, and he was, you know, lost for a couple of years and contracted awful mange, resulting in terrible hot spots, and they had to get rid of it — yuck — and start again.”

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