Who Is Deku’s Dad in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia has become one of our favorite anime and manga series of most of us. In the anime, our beloved character Izuku Midoriya is no doubt amazing, however, there are a lot of mysteries that revolve around his relatives.

During the initial few episodes, his mother was introduced but there was no appearance made from his father ever.

We are very well aware of the fact that both the manga and anime have seen advancements by a great margin, still, we have not seen a single appearance from his father in either of the media.

In this piece, we have covered the information that is available to us regarding Midoriya’s father including some of the fan theories as well.

My Hero Academia: About Hisashi Midoriya

Izuku’s father is Hisashi Midoriya. He tied the knot with Inko and welcomed a child prior to when he moved abroad for work. At the age of 4, Izuku went to the doctor with his mother.

So, with the above information, it becomes clear that his father had relocated to some other country when Izuku was very young. His mother remains to refer to the man as her spouse, hinting that the duo is still a couple even after the years of the split.

Hisashi absolutely looks like the young hero of My Hero Academia, with teal hair and identical facial features.

This is an educated assumption taking into account that Midoriya’s mother has dark hair and the characters of My Hero Academia are designed in such a way that their structures are very similar to their parents.

Throughout the series, Inko indicated that Hisashi’s quirk enabled him to breathe fire. Apart from that, there was no other information disclosed about his father’s quirks.

Deku's Dad in My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Fan Theories About Hisashi Midoriya

So, in addition to the above-mentioned details, there are also some fan theories about Midoriya’s father. Though some of them are doubtful and unconvincing, some of them could be confirmed later in the anime.

Among many, one theory is that Izuku Midoriya’s father could be All For One. Fans assume that the series could have an ending like Star Wars, in which we can see Izuku going up against All For One amidst the final battle in the series.

As per Epicdope, Horikoshi had disclosed that at some point, Hisashi would appear in the series. Now that the manga is most probably to end this year, Hisashi could be disclosed in one of the forthcoming chapters prior to the end of the story.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information until then stay tuned to our website.

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