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News About Jake Paul’s Net Worth (Updated 2022): Know Here How Much the Youtuber and Boxer Makes in a Year

Jake Joseph Paul is an American professional boxer and internet personality. Paul first rose to the spotlight from an American social networking short-form video hosting service named Vine.

He has also been involved in many controversies throughout his career because of his nature of involving in dangerous stunts, presenting age-inadequate content on YouTube, and others. 

In this article, we will cover Jake Paul’s net worth, personal life, career, and others.

What Is the Net Worth of Jake Paul?

According to several reports, Jake Paul has an estimated net worth of over $60 million. He is considered one of the highest-paid YouTubers worldwide and reportedly, he earns around $20 million after taxes.

Early Life

Paul was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 17, 1997, and he was raised in Westlake, Ohio. He is the child of Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick and he also has a sibling, an older brother, Logan who is also a social media personality and YouTuber.

Personal Life

Jake Paul was in a relationship with Alissa Violet, a social media personality and YouTuber in November 2016 and the duo parted their ways in February 2017. He then dated Erika Costell, American Model, in April 2018, and in November 2018 the pair called off their relationship.

In April 2019, Paul started d@ting Tana Mongeau, American YouTuber, and social media personality and within two months, in June, the duo revealed that they got engaged, but a lot of fans and commentators believed that the engagement was not legitimate.

Paul and Mongeau tied the knot in Las Vegas on July 28, 2019. However, later it was reported by InTouch that they hadn’t received a marriage license before the ceremony and that the officiant was also not licensed by the state of Nevada due to which the marriage wasn’t legally binding.

According to reports, the couple left the ceremony separately. MTV for the show No Filter: Tana Mongeau had recorded the ceremony, which was available on pay-per-view for $50, and in fact, on an episode of the show, Mongeau revealed that the ceremony was something “fun and lighthearted that we’re obviously doing for fun and for content.” In January 2020, the duo made the announcement of their split.


In September 2013, Paul started his video career. In January 2017, after Vine shut down, Disney recruited him to be on the show titled “Bizaardvark.” His catchphrase on the sitcom was “It’s Everyday Bro!” 

Jake was ousted from the sitcom in July 2017 while shooting of the second season was going on. Paul had become part of many controversies by that time, along with complaints from his neighbors regarding his wild parties, fire hazards, pranks, and the extensive gathering of young fans in the street outside of Jake’s rented house following he shared his address over social media.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he revealed that he was ousted from “Bizaardvark” because of the chaos over his parties and the local media coverage of it.

In January 2017, Paul launched Team 10 which is a digital influencer marketing platform and creative agency that produces and endorses entertainment for youths. In May 2017, Jake launched a track and music video titled “It’s Everyday Bro” and just within a month of release, the video was viewed more than 70 million times.

In January 2018, he published a video named “I lost my virginity” and the thumbnail of the video featured Paul and Erika Costell, his former girlfriend laying semi-nude on top of each other as a consequence, the video was age-restricted by YouTube and later Paul switched the thumbnail to a clothed picture of the pair.

Jake Paul

In January 2020, Paul made his professional boxing debut in Miami. He fought against fellow YouTubers Gib. Jake won in the first round through technical knockout.

Legal Controversies

Controversies Related to Content

Paul posted a video on his YouTube channel named “I lost my virginity” on January 3, 2018, which was criticized a lot due to its semi-nude thumbnail which was consequently changed later with both Paul and Costell fully clothed.

After two days, TMZ shared a video where Paul was seen using the racial epithet “nigga” several times when he was freestyle rapping.

In November 2020, he sparked resentment following he said that he made the way for content house creation and boxing matches amongst high-profile social media stars. Several people objected to the claim made by him, seeing that he didn’t make the first content house, nor was he the first YouTube personality to fight in a boxing match.

Scam accusations

In January 2019, Paul with fellow YouTuber RiceGum approached under fire for endorsing MysteryBrand which is a website that provides the opportunity to open a digital “mystery box” of pre-selected items with a pledge to win one in real life at random. It has also been claimed by several users that they haven’t obtained prizes that they won from the site.

YouTuber Coffeezilla posted a video in March 2022 in which he blamed Paul for utilizing cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens to deceive his fans out of $2.2 million.

S*xual Assault Accusations

In April 2021, TikTok personality Justine Paradise shared a video that claimed that Paul compelled her for oral s*x and touched her without her permission in a 2019 incident at the Team 10 House.

While responding to the allegations, Jake said “S*xual assault accusations aren’t something that I, or anyone should ever take lightly, but to be crystal clear, this claim made against me is 100% false.” In a subsequent video, Paradise said she has been given harassment and death threats because of the allegation.

In April 2021, The New York Times featured an article about Paul in which a second allegation was imposed by model and actress Railey Lollie, who had worked for Paul earlier, she said that Paul often referred to her as jailbait and remarked on her appearance, and following the production of a video in 2017, groped her.

Investigated in Puerto Rico

In May 2021, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources investigated Paul for riding a motorized vehicle on Puerto Rico’s beaches, which appeared on a video uploaded online; however, it was removed later.

Riding motorized vehicles isn’t legal on Puerto Rico’s beaches to save natural wildlife like sea turtles. He later issued an apology saying he didn’t have intentions to harm.

In November 2020, Paul was involved in controversy related to coronavirus because of his remarks during an interview with The Daily Beast.

When Paul was asked whether he regretted his remarks and actions about the July 11 party, he answered that coronavirus was a “hoax”, also adding that “98 percent of news [about COVID-19] is fake”, and that he considered the restrictions against coronavirus in the U.S. should be withdrawn, stating them “the most detrimental thing to our society.”

Later, he falsely said that many people succumbed to the flu in the U.S. in 2020 just like coronavirus did, and stated that “Medical professionals have [recently] also said that masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of coronavirus”.

Later, Paul referred to said professionals as “dozens of my medical friends.” When the interviewer attempted to question the assertions made by Paul, he said “You’re arrogant. You’re very arrogant”, “you want clickbait”, and “I’ve never even heard of you.”

Paul’s statements in the interview resulted in censure from several people along with many media outlets, like Page Six, and fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley, who called Paul “aggressively ignorant” and “embarrassing.”

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