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Tacoma Simmons Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth & Parents (Updated)



American musician Tacoma Simmons is widely recognized as the son of former rapper and actor DMX, one of the world’s most famous figures.

As the celebrity son of the renowned singer-songwriter Earl Simmons, he is credited with his role. Born on August 27, 1999, and reared in Mount Kisco, New York, United States.

In addition to being a member of one of the most famous families globally, he is a musical composer and manager at Guitar Center.

Tacoma Simmons Family Background: Siblings, Parents, Family

Tacoma Simmons is the son of the American rapper DMX and the housewife Tashera Simmons. His surviving siblings are Xavier Simmons (born in 1992), Praise Mary Ella (born in 2002), and Sean Simmons (b. in 2005). Eleven half-siblings are the result of his father’s prior marriages. He was frequently observed with his father as a youngster.

His father sold over 74 million albums globally. According to sources, on April 9, 2021, he died of a major heart attack brought on by a drug overdose.

He attended Fox Lane High School as a student and senior. His college attendance is unknown. He will launch his professional career in the marketplace.

Tacoma Simmons

Tacoma Simmons Ethnicity

Regarding his ancestry, Tacoma is of African heritage.

Tacoma Simmons Relationship Status:

Tacoma wants to keep his private life out of the public. He has no partner! However, there are indicators that he may date someone sooner or later. He is currently quite occupied with his profession.

He is a family-oriented individual. Tashera referred to him as “that complex Child.” This ache in the posterior, However loud. Selfish but generous. “Introverted yet extroverted,” the Instagram user said.

Tacoma Simmons Professional Career

As a musician, he made his career debut with a bang. Presently, he serves as a Guitar Center general manager, although nothing is known about his career accomplishments.

Tacoma Simmons Body Measurements: Height, Weight

What is Tacoma Simmons’ age? What height is he? What exactly does he weigh? Is he vegetarian or vegan?

His birth date indicates that Tacoma Simmons is 23 years old. His constellation is Virgo.

He presently weighs 63 kilos or 140 pounds and has a height of roughly 5 feet 9 inches or 175 centimeters, which are both excellent physical dimensions. Since the black-haired and dark-brown-eyed celebrity is health-conscious, he loves a rich vegan diet. He is a fitness buff.

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Tacoma Simmons Net Worth

Since he is one of the most celebrity sons globally, he has likely made millions over the previous several years.

It is shocking to learn that most of his income comes from music and public recognition. He has already bragged about his wealth. Forbes estimates that Tacoma Simmons has a net worth of around $1.1 million.

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