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Are Polo G and His Girlfriend Crystal Blease Still Together or NOT? (UPDATED)

In 2021, who is the girlfriend of Taurus Tremani Bartlett, also known as Polo G? What do we know about the career and dating status of the American rapper? Rappers play a significant part in the American music business.

Similarly, Polo G has cemented his spot in the business by providing us with some incredible singles and albums. After reading this essay, people who have not heard any of his singles should first listen to one.

Surprisingly, most of his works achieved high positions on the Billboard list. Now, you must be aware of how excellently he raps. We will analyze his career in greater depth in the future.

Regarding his relationship, Polo G has dated a Tiktok celebrity. But recently, social media sites have been rife with speculations surrounding their breakup.

Who exactly is the woman he was/is dating? Are these rumors authentic? What are the rumors about? Is he dating another woman? As a fan, you must be asking yourself these things.

Curiosity has reached a new level. Right? We will provide solutions to any of your inquiries regarding the American rapper Polo G. Here is all we know about him and his romantic history.

Polo G Girlfriend
Polo G Girlfriend

Polo G Girlfriend: Relationship Status

Regarding Polo G’s girlfriend, most of us are aware that the young American rapper dated the Tiktok sensation Crystal Blease. According to many accounts, she is 20 years old as of this moment.

Additionally, she celebrates her birthday on September 26 each year. Crystal’s Tiktok channel has a large number of followers. As a Tiktok celebrity, she has achieved great success.

There have been several speculations concerning Crystal’s personality. Among them is her affair with one of the rapper’s closest buddies. This mysterious man is shown to be homosexual.

A few months prior, she tweeted that she was also interested in women. In addition, rumors spread that Crystal was cheating on Polo G with Alize. However, the couple gave birth to a two-year-old child.

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He was named Tremani. These rumors made their relationship more complicated. However, neither has publicly acknowledged nor confirmed their separation.

Therefore, it is unknown if Polo G and Crystal are still dating. As he has not yet made any statements, it is difficult to determine if the rapper is dating her or anybody else or if he is single. We hope they will provide an update on their relationship. The supporters wish them well in their future endeavors.

This section will be updated whenever one of Polo G’s girlfriends makes a public revelation about their relationship.

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