Alex Cooper Boyfriend 2022, Her dating History (Latest Updates)

Alex Cooper, whose full name is Alexandra Cooper, rose to stardom when her advice and comedy podcast Call Her Daddy began attracting thousands of listeners. He was finally signed to a three-year, over $60 million deal by Spotify.

On her podcast, she discusses relationships and offers sex advice to most female listeners. However, although most of her podcast’s subjects revolve around relationships, Copper is very private about her personal life.

Who is Alex Cooper’s boyfriend?

Although Cooper has not disclosed every detail of her personal life, it is impossible to overlook that she occasionally discusses it on her podcast.

And on one episode of her podcast, she disclosed that she and her partner have been in a developing relationship since 2020. She did not share her partner’s actual identity, such as his name, but she did provide hints.

While discussing these hints, she refers to her spouse as “Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.” In addition, she said that her partner is a film producer and an actor who had appeared in an NBC series.

She explained why she got her unknown companion the moniker Mr. Sexy Zoom Man by stating that they first met at a business-related Zoom conference during the epidemic.

When they ultimately met in his hometown of Los Angeles, California – where Cooper presently resides – they switched from virtual to face-to-face communication. They got along rather well, and matters became more serious.

In a July 2021 interview with Bustle, Cooper stated that her partner knows that her life is her stuff. Cooper stated that after the relationship became serious, her boyfriend was more like, “I appreciate and support you and your show, but I have a job.”

In addition, the podcast host stated that she would have ended the relationship if it had been similar to her previous relationships because “I value content beyond anything else.”

She then stated that she would continue to discuss her sex life with her current lover but would try not to identify him for as long as possible.

“I’m not sure. “It’s also fascinating because he’s prepared, and I’m not,” Cooper continued.

As of today, the identity of Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is unknown. Cooper has periodically referenced the moniker in the captions of her Instagram postings, but she has not revealed his identity or shown a photo of him.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend
Alex Cooper Boyfriend

According to the Internet, Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Matt Kaplan.

People on Reddit and Twitter began investigating to determine Cooper’s boyfriend’s genuine identity after she divulged this little information about him.

They believe her lover is Matt Kaplan, so it appears that they have found the one. Film producer and chief executive officer of Ace Entertainment.

In a February 2021 Reddit discussion, a curious user revealed that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Kaplan. Several people concurred, and one Reddit user lauded the thread’s originator for his efforts by referring to it as “FBI work.”

Similarly, several Internet users quickly pointed out that the dog named Henry that Cooper has posted countless images of belongs to Kaplan on her social media accounts. Additionally, Kaplan’s IMDb page now includes Cooper as his spouse.

These indicate that Kaplan, nicknamed Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, is Cooper’s lover. Cooper’s Mr. Sexy Zoom Man could not be definitively identified as Kaplan because he and Kaplan have remained silent and have not verified anything.

Alex Cooper’s past relationships

Before her connection with Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, she had been in several partnerships. Cooper also addressed several of them in her podcast, without exposing the identity of her ex-boyfriends, of course.

During her sophomore year at Boston University, she met an anonymous Red Sox player with whom she had one of her earliest romances. According to speculations, her nameless ex-boyfriend is Mike Napoli, although this has not been proven.

Cooper’s baseball player lover was reportedly nearly a decade older than she was when they began dating, and their relationship was poisonous. They ultimately went separate ways.

Her subsequent confirmed connection was with another baseball star, New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. They began dating in April 2017 and were frequently spotted engaging in PDA.

Cooper and Syndergaard announced their breakup in December 2020 when Syndergaard tweeted, “Baseball is my significant other.”

Cooper disclosed in April 2021 that she had briefly dated and hooked up with YouTube star Logan Paul. She revealed that she only discussed the affair because Paul had initiated the conversation.

However, shortly after she divulged this secret, Paul said on his Impulsive podcast that Cooper was the one who leaked it and that he had only told his closest buddy about his affair.

Cooper has already described some of her earlier relationships on her podcast and given her ex-boyfriend nicknames such as Door 3, Canadian, M*** Hunter aka Ghost Writer, Slim Shady, and “man from a ‘prominent family’ in New York City.”

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In the Reddit, as mentioned above post, fans have suggested [and agreed] that Door 3 is Shane Greene, Canadian is James Neal, M*** Hunter aka Ghost Writer is Muj Fricke, Slim Shady is Noah Syndergaard, and the person from a “prominent family” in New York City is allegedly John Schlossberg.

Since these are only fan theories, it cannot be considered literally that Cooper’s nicknames correspond to the individuals mentioned above.

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