Is There a Monsters Inc 3 Coming Out? (UPDATED)

Pixar Animation Studios and Disney have enjoyed great success with Monster Inc. and Monster University’s predecessor. Although the first 2001 film in the Monster saga was released, the prequel was only released in 2013.

Monsters Inc. fans feel that a third installment should focus on Mike and Sully’s narrative. According to recent rumors, a new Monster movie is in the works at Universal Pictures.

Monster Inc. and Monster University director Pete Docter have previously stated that he has ideas for a third movie. In a 2016 interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said that the third Monster movie is not currently in development but is not canceled.

He implied that we might see the third installment of Monsters, Inc. Pixar requires a sequel because the original film leaves many questions unsolved.

Even if a sequel is made, the filmmaker says it will go forward in time. What happened to Boo after the first film will be revealed in Monster Inc. 3.

Since the door has been restored, it’s possible that Boo, who isn’t afraid of monsters (except for Randall), may be able to work at Monster Inc. after all. According to director Joe Johnston, a sequel may follow in the footsteps of classics such as Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

Monsters Inc. 3 Release Date

The show is planned to premiere on Netflix in the first half of 2017. The film also stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman. The showrunner will be Pete Docter. He’ll double-check everything.

Tyler had a fantasy throughout the show about working with Sully and Mike, two of his heroes. A Monsters, Inc. character.

As of this writing, no specific date for the film’s release has been set; however, it is widely predicted to appear in early 2022. According to the studio, Pixar has completed monster Inc. 3’s narrative, and production is on schedule.

In 2016, Monster Inc. filmmaker Pete Docter said that the film series might continue in the future, and who knows, maybe there will be Monster Inc. 4 and 5.

Monsters Inc 3
Monsters Inc 3

Monsters Inc. 3 Plot

Monsters, Inc. may be revisited in a sequel to Monsters University if it is created. The original “Monsters, Inc.” film will probably be followed up with a sequel. With the help of director Pete Docter, we may expect to see Boo as an adult in the follow-up to the film.

Monsters Inc. 3 Trailer

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