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Is Virgin River season 4 Going to Release on NETFLIX in August 2022 (Official Update)

Virgin River season 4 is now in production at Netflix, with a release date approaching shortly. The Netflix original series has aired three highly popular seasons, with a fourth and five seasons set for the future. The romance drama made its Netflix debut on December 6th, 2019.

The series received an immediate renewal for a second season, which will premiere on November 27th, 2020. On July 9th, 2021, the third and last season was published. The eagerly awaited fourth season will shortly conclude the tale of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River novels.

Virgin River Season 4 Release date

Virgin River’s fourth season was officially renewed in September 2021. Netflix confirmed the renewal and the assurance that season 5 would be produced as well. The series, shot in Vancouver, Canada, was set to premiere in July 2021.

Filming is scheduled to complete in November 2021, and the season is currently in post-production. Season 4 of Virgin River is expected to premiere on Netflix between May and August 2022.

Virgin River Season 4

The cast of Virgin River Season 4

The following members of the Virgin River main cast have been confirmed to return for season 4:

Additionally, two new cast members for season 4 have been confirmed:

Virgin River Season 4 Plot

The story follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who replies to an advertisement for a midwife and nurse practitioner position in the rural Northern California town of Virgin River, believing it would be the ideal place to start over and put her traumatic past behind her.

She rapidly discovers that living in a tiny village is not as simple as she had thought. She must first master the art of healing before calling Virgin River home.

The show’s third season closed with a slew of cliffhangers. Brady was arrested for murdering Jack. Charmaine explained to Jack that she and Todd desired exclusive custody of the twins.

Ricky, the new Marine, discovered that he would be stationed in either San Diego or South Carolina while Lizzie and Parker traveled to Los Angeles.

Christopher’s father probably broke into Preacher’s home with evil intentions. Finally, Jack proposes to Mel, only for her to disclose her pregnancy. Jack has no idea if the child is Mark’s or his.

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Virgin River Season 4 Trailer

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