How to Trisha Paytas make $10,000,000 Net worth? (UPDATED NOW)

Trisha Paytas, who are you? It varies from day to day. It’s no secret that the shapeshifting YouTube star has taken on a variety of personas and looks throughout the years.

They go from attempting to sell themselves as an emo musician to trying to sell us on the idea that they are nothing more than a chicken nugget. Their passion for drama, on the other hand, has been constant. In the face of threats from prominent actors, Paytas spills tea like a waterfall and refuses to apologize for it.

If you’ve never heard of them, you’ll be surprised by how popular they are online. Learn how wealthy Trisha Paytas is and what she did to get there.

Trisha Paytas Early Life

Trisha Paytas’s family is of Hungarian heritage, however, she has spent her entire life in the United States of America. Trisha was born in Riverside, California. Paytas has an elder brother and a younger half-sister to whom she is related through her mother.

When Trisha was three years old, her parents split and she relocated with her mother to live in Freeport, Illinois.

Paytas attended school in Illinois and resided with her mother until To complete her high school education after moving to California, she enrolled in an online Catholic school program. Her mother welcomed her back in Illinois a year later.

The Pecatonica High School in Pecatonica, Illinois served as her final educational stop before she entered the workforce.

she was 15. When she reached 15, she returned to California to live with her father.

Personal Life

How to Trisha Paytas make $10,000,000 Net worth?

Trisha Paytas has had a slew of on-screen romances throughout the years. When she dated YouTuber Jason Nash, it was one of the most memorable. From 2017 until 2019, we had a relationship.

Paytas began dating Israeli artist Moses Hacmon in 2020. For the first time in 2022, Hacmon and Paytas are expecting a kid together.

Ethan Klein (her co-host on Frenemies and husband to Hila Klein’s sister) and Jeffree Star are just a few of the other celebrities with whom she has had run-ins.

Paytas came out as transgender in October of this year. However, she later explained that she didn’t know how to express her gender identification at the time. Paytas reaffirmed her non-binary identity on her YouTube account in 2021.

Paytas’ Instagram account lists the pronouns she/her and they/them that she employs.

Trisha Paytas Career

The estimated net worth of Trisha Paytas is $10 million.
They used to rely on YouTube as their primary source of income. Paytas, according to Vulture, made $200,000 a year in the mid-2010s on the platform.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, is said to account for roughly 70% of their revenue. Paytas’ following fluctuates between 22,000 and 32,000 per month, despite the fact that the company does not publicly publish account-specific information and metrics. They are now at the top of the list. 0.001% of all creators.

Westlake Village, California mansion was paid for by Paytas and her fiancé earlier this year with the help of a $3.7 million loan from her parents. Their channel is filled with all the bling and glamour you’d expect from the wealthiest YouTube stars.

How does Trisha Paytas make $10,000,000 Networth?

With over 5 million members, Paytas’ YouTube channel is a substantial revenue generator.

Additionally, she earns money from a variety of brand deals and sponsorships.
When it comes to internet content subscription provider OnlyFans, Trisha is one of its top earners. OnlyFans makes her roughly $1 million a month, according to estimates.

Investment In Real Estate

Trisha Paytas and her husband Moses Hacmon just purchased a house in Westlake Village, California.

The house is estimated to be valued at $3.7 million and has a living area of 7,484 square feet. It boasts five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a lavish swimming pool where you can soak up the California sunshine in style.

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