When Will Equinox Season 2 Release Date Out? (LATEST UPDATE)

Since fans liked exploring new realms, the second season of Equinox may be in the works for Netflix. The Danish thriller premiered on the streaming service on December 30, and it follows a woman who is plagued by visions following her sister’s disappearance.

Due to the show’s origins as a podcast, there is a possibility that the second season will depart from the original premise. Because the boys’ disappearance sparked a flood of conspiracy theories, a second season might dive deeper into some of them.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Netflix intended this project to be a limited series or whether the viewing figures signal the need for a second chapter. Equinox premiered with a six-episode first season and was advertised as being in the vein of Netflix’s Dark.

Equinox Season 2 Release Date

If Netflix renews the series for a second season, fans will have to wait until the end of 2021, or maybe the beginning of 2022, for new episodes. The coronavirus outbreak has reduced the amount of filming that may occur, although numerous television series has begun production.

Netflix will do a viewership analysis of the first season within the first few months of its release, so fans should have a fair idea of whether a second season will be broadcast in early 2021.

The first season enthralled viewers as they followed Astrid through her nightmare, searching for the truth about what happened to the children that strange night. This is not your average whodunit since it appears to occur in alternate universes where everything is possible.

Equinox Season 2
Equinox Season 2

The cast of Equinox Season 2

It’s difficult to predict who will repeat their roles since there has been no announcement of a second season. In the first season, Astrid receives a call from an anonymous caller informing her of what had happened to her sister and the other children.

Season two may center on the caller and his involvement in the case. Curcic can reprise her part as Astrid in a future season that goes more into the sisters’ life before the circumstances that resulted in Astrid’s sister’s abduction.

In season one, Lars Bergmann as Dennis, Karoline Hamm as Astrid’s sister Ida, Hanne Hedlund as Lene, and Fanny Bornedal as Amelia.

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Equinox Season 2 Plot

Regrettably, because the series has not yet been renewed, it is too early to forecast what will happen in the sequel. In the first season teaser, the caller discloses to Astrid on her radio program how he was aware of the parallel reality and was present when her sister went missing.

Jakob Skipper, who knew Ida before her disappearance, answered the phone. He indicated a book and explained that it included all of the information on Ida’s disappearance.

Season two may explore the matter from Jakob’s or maybe Ida’s perspective, as viewers will be eager to discover more about what occurred from the victims’ perspectives.

Fans have already expressed their excitement for the series, with one tweeting, “Can’t wait, New Year’s will be a pure adrenaline rush #Equinox #Netflix.” The series has been dubbed “mysterious” and “intriguing,” with some drawing comparisons to The Dark Tower.

Equinox Season 2 Trailer

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