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Bloodline Season 4: Is This Show Canceled or Not?

Netflix’s original series Bloodline is an American thriller drama TV series created by Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman, and Sony Pictures Television picked it for production.

The first season of the series aired on March 20, 2015, on Netflix with a total of thirteen episodes, and just a few days after its premiere, it was renewed for a second season that premiered on May 27, 2016, with a total of ten episodes.

Netflix then made the announcement of the renewal of the series for a third season which aired on May 26, 2017, with a total of ten episodes. Season one of Bloodline gathered positive reviews from viewers as well as critics but the next two seasons couldn’t perform as well as compared to the first season and received mixed receptions from critics. 

Soon after the announcement about the renewal for the third season was made, it was revealed that this is going to be the last and final season of Bloodline and this must have obviously broken the hearts of many and somehow, they are still hoping that Netflix will surprise with a fourth season as well.

Here’s what we know so far about it, read out the full article to catch up with all the updates and learn about the possibility of the renewal.

Is Bloodline Renewed for Season 4?

As of now, there is no official announcement about the renewal of Bloodline for a fourth season nor can we expect it since the series has been canceled by Netflix.

Initially, the series was considered as successful but perhaps the mixed review is a factor that led Netflix to cancel the series. However, according to reports, one of the factors behind the termination of Bloodline was also the lack of finances on Netflix’s end which resulted in the cancellation of the series.

We cannot say that the series was a failure as it received average reviews. The writing trio settled on the theme of the family since they attempted to ascertain what their next project would appear like., Glenn Kessler said, “Over the years we’ve found ourselves talking a lot about family and how family dynamics have changed — or not changed — as we’ve gotten older.”

Adding further “As we’ve hit our 40s, our understanding of our family dynamics has begun to change. And because we all come from families with three sons, we recognize the roles we play. It’s something we’d been talking about. So, the thought was, why not try to mine some of that in our creative life?”

What Is the Plot of Bloodline? What Happened at the End of Season 3?

Bloodline Season 4: Is This Show Canceled or Not?
Bloodline Season 4

The official synopsis of Bloodline reads: “centers on a close-knit family of four adult siblings whose secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep brother returns home.”

In the third season, after Marco’s killing, Kevin needs Roy Gilbert’s aid in order to hide the murder. Gilbert makes a plan that structures O’Bannon for the killing, however, in the process, Kevin loses his life.

The imminent trial forms further feuds within the Rayburn clan; Meg vanishes, Kevin gets further arrested in Gilbert’s suspicious machinations, and John is immensely consumed with regret for Danny’s demise.

Meg heads and conceals in Los Angeles. Ozzy took his life himself following he was abducted by Gilbert’s men before Gilbert’s ultimate demise due to a heart attack. Sally discloses the fact regarding the Rayburns’ past of concealing secrets. O’Bannon loses the trial and is sent to prison.

Kevin was taken into custody for drug smuggling for Gilbert. Sally admits to disliking John and Kevin, and that Danny was her favorite. John is unsure regarding whether to make a confession to Nolan about Danny; the series concludes as their conversation is about to start.

Well, with the way the third season ended, it is apparent that it is not the perfect conclusion that viewers must have expected and also disappointing since it was the last season as well. We hope that Netflix agrees to make the fourth season of the series but as of now, it stands canceled.

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