Is Rakshasa Street season 2 Renewed or Canceled? (UPDATED)

It’s been five years since Rakshasa Street premiered, and in the spring of 2021, the series will return for its second season with a novel narrative and exciting new actors.

Indeed, what is anticipated to air this year is Rakshasa Street Season two Part 2, a reimagining of the previous second season, which concluded in December 2019; however, its manufacturing council has stated that this time, they will reboot the preceding episodes, with the first three episodes of Rakshasa Street Season two Part two serving as a recreation of those.

Despite its amazing story, the Rakshasa Street Chinese series is a straightforward one. In this, evil spirits are lured to Requiem Street, and human individuals join this totalitarian environment to assassinate them.

All human beings are now prohibited from entering this Requiem road; nevertheless, certain persons, such as Xia Ling, an ordinary university intern, are authorized to visit the avenue to exterminate the anime’s bad characters.

Before entering the avenue, she is unaware that she possesses the power to destroy them and perform something even more dangerous by a chance meeting with her protector spirit.

When she is forced to choose between the two, she discovers she possesses reserved qualities and skills.

Now, let’s discuss Rakshasa Street season 2 and the fine print that fans must understand, such as its release date, animation studio, and the information included in promotional posters and films for the series.

Rakshasa Street Season 2
Rakshasa Street Season 2

Rakshasa Street season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of the show has been officially announced and confirmed. As a result, we cannot provide an accurate launch date, as some claim it launched on May 15, 2021, while others predict section two in 2022 or 2023.

According to what has been reported, the beginning of phase two is a recreation of some episodes from phase one, so you must determine whether or not it is truly launched. You’ll have to wait longer if season two isn’t released.

The cast of Rakshasa Street Season 2

Jiro Wang plays the role of Cao Yan Bing.

A Yue Xi in the role of Xia Ling.

Tang Guo Zhong in the role of Bei Luo Shi Men.

Fang Chu Tong in the role of Hattori Hanzo.

Neo Hou in the role of Bai Jing Xuan.

Bai Liu Xi in the role of Zi Wei.

Zhang Zi Wen in the role of Nan Fu Yu.

Huang Tian Qi in the role of Cao Xuan Liang

The Plot of Rakshasa Street Season 2

Rakshasa Street is a straightforward yet captivating narrative. The anime is set on Requiem Street, an area dedicated to drawing bad spirits to slay them. It follows Xia Ling, a regular college intern.

One day, she finds her powers and abilities while participating in a threat assembly with her guardian spirit.

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She is subsequently thrust into a precarious situation. She may choose to revert to her past lifestyle or continue to abandon her peaceful ways to pursue something far greater and far more difficult.

Season 2, Part 1 concluded with episode 6; we saw what General Cao’s boys endured in the absence of their father. They are compelled to flee home and seek refuge when a younger female offers to aid them.

We observe how the woman transforms into an incurable devil at the conclusion. Unable to protect their guardian, the two brothers resolve to unite.

The primary narrative of Part two will revolve around the brothers’ attempts to improve their relationship. Additionally, we should observe a shift in the tense dynamics of Requiem Street, as the General and his wife remain missing.

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