When Can We Expect October Faction Season 2?

Many people adore horror and supernatural dramas, and they all eagerly await the release of new episodes and series on Netflix. And here we also have one of the scariest American Supernatural dramas, October Faction, produced by Damian Kindler and based on the comic book series of the same name.

It is one of the Netflix original series well-liked by the public and its supporters. It premiered in January 2020 and is now awaiting its second season. So what is the status of the American horror drama October Faction, and will it return for a second season or not? Is Netflix canceling the program, and if so, why?

This page has the answers to all of your queries, and here I’d like to inform everyone that October Faction has been canceled for season 2, which is unfortunate news for everyone.

And I understand that you are disappointed by this news, but the network chose to cancel the series after season 1, but don’t worry; if one series ends, another will begin to tell new and exciting stories, which is a continuous process.

I want to be clear with all fans that there are no possibilities for a season 2 of October Faction, and it was announced back in March 2020 that the series will not return for a new season due to cancellation.

Is there any chance that another platform may take up October Faction shortly, given that the series’ future is uncertain? Now, let’s learn more about October Faction Season 2.

October Faction Season 2 Release date

The terrible news for fans is that season 2 will not be released because it was terminated in 2020.

October Faction Season 2
October Faction Season 2

Why Was October Faction Season 2 Cancelled?

The narrative behind the series is incredible, yet Netflix discontinued it after the first season. Why didn’t they renew it for another season?

According to the Hollywood Reporter and other reports, the program has been canceled except for one season titled V-Wars, based on IDW Comics concepts.

As we all know, it has an intriguing narrative and was highly appreciated by spectators. However, it only garnered a 49 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is still higher than the 33 percent of critics.

Only Locke and Key are given a second chance to renew their new seasons among the three seasons, namely V-Wars, The October Faction, and Locke and Key.

Because Netflix now believes that these three series have the same or a similar audience, it was decided that only one series would be renewed for a second season, which is Locke and Key, and the other two would be canceled. Additionally, these two additional shows are available on Netflix.

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October Faction Season 2 Trailer

No, there is no season 2 trailer for this series due to its cancellation; however you can see the season 1 trailer here-

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