Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date CONFIRMED or Not?

Grand Blue is a Japanese manga series written by Kenji Inoue and drawn by Kimitake Yoshioka. It was published in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine fantastic! in April 2014. This has been collected in 17 tankbon versions from September 2021.

The comic is published online in English by Kodansha USA’s Kodansha Comics branch. From July to September 2018, MBS’s Animism programming block aired an adaptation of Zero-anime G. A live-action film adaptation will release in August 2020.

Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date

Grand Blue’s first season, which comprised 12 scenes, started on July 14, 2018, and continued through September 29, 2018. There has been no hint of a new season in the years afterward, and it is still unknown whether Excellent Blue will receive a Grand Blue Season 2 in any form.

However, there is no cause to be concerned about at the moment. Given that anime series typically take up to five years to re-establish themselves, Zero-G had plenty of time to announce a new season.

Additionally, new pieces of the manga layout are continually being distributed, ensuring that the following season will have no shortage of unique content.

With these facts in mind, we feel Stupendous Blue is highly likely to be resurrected for the upcoming season. If that occurs, our best bet is that Grand Blue Season 2 will premiere in 2022.

Grand Blue Season 2
Grand Blue Season 2

Grand Blue Season 2 Story Expectations

The last episode of the series was filled with weird and surprising circumstances. We witnessed Iori suffer from seasickness to complete his examinations.

Additionally, when they were all staying in the same hotel, his group mates consumed large amounts of extra booze. Iori chooses to follow them despite her fragility. He meets Aina shortly afterward, with hardly anything on his body.

Aina is displeased with him. She mistakenly swallows a large amount of strong hard whiskey, significantly affecting her personality. Iori and Kohei walked out of the hotel, taken aback by her new intoxicated character.

As in season 2, we can almost certainly anticipate extra bizarre and weird occurrences in Iori’s life. Bear in mind that he has not completed his higher education yet. He seemed to be embarking on a lengthy and dirty journey.

Five volumes of the Grand Blue comic series are now being adapted into animation. As a result, the release of the second series is not guaranteed.

The final choice is totally up to the decision-makers. Additionally, Iori’s most recent contact with Aina was frightening. It’ll be fascinating to see how their connection evolves throughout the season.

Grand Blue Season 2 Cast

We have high hopes for returning the original cast for Season 2 of Grand Blue. Although the addition of additional people may offer a twist to the storyline, there is nothing that can be revealed at the moment.

Return to season 1 to explore the Grand Blue universe till we learn more about the series.

Apart from our primary cast, Season 2 of Grand Blue may feature several new characters. Lori Kitahara’s younger sister, Shiori Kitahara, is one of the new cast members.

The middle schooler has the potential to wreak havoc on her younger brother’s life. On the other side, Kaya Mizuki, Kanako Lida’s sister, is already on the list. Kohei Imamura, an otaku, will be profoundly touched by the show’s arrival.

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Grand Blue Season 2 Trailer

“Grand Blue – Season 1” is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Season two may be released on the same media as season one if it is allowed, while the series’ destiny remains undetermined.

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