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The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date Status And Location Leaked

Elder Scrolls 6

Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda’s long-awaited primary chapter in their long-running epic RPG series, was revealed years ago, but nothing is known about it. Within that period, Microsoft bought Bethesda, altering the dynamic of the popular role-playing game.

It has produced some of the genre’s most popular RPG titles, having sold more than 50 million copies since its inception in 1994 with The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Skyrim, the newest edition, premiered in 2011 to excellent reviews and continues to sell well, so well that Bethesda has proceeded to re-release it. The following is what we currently know about The Elder Scrolls VI.

Recent News

Phil Spencer indicates that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be a Microsoft exclusive – November 16, 2021

In a new interview with GQ, Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer hinted that Elder Scrolls 6 would be an Xbox exclusive.

When questioned about the game’s exclusivity (many PlayStation fans are hoping for a PS5), Spencer responded, “It’s not about penalizing any other platform because I think that all platforms can continue to thrive.”

However, for us to be considered for Xbox, I want us to be able to provide the entire package of what we have. That is true when I consider Elder Scrolls 6. That is certainly true when I consider any of our franchisees.”

It most certainly does not appear that Elder Scrolls 6 will make its way to the PlayStation.

Elder Scrolls 6

Phil Spencer Confirms Elder Scrolls VI’s Release Date – July 19, 2021

On June 30, during an IGN Unlocked podcast, Phil Spencer was asked if Fable would arrive ahead of the highly anticipated Bethesda project, to which he responded that Elder Scrolls 6 was “far out.”

Reveal of the E3 Release Date? – June 11, 2021

On the most recent edition of the Triple Click podcast, industry insider Jason Schreier speculated that Bethesda’s next sci-fi RPG, Starfield, will be the conference’s headline revelation. That seems logical, but it may also have implications for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Starfield is scheduled for release in “Late 2022.” It’s anyone’s guess where this leaves Elder Scrolls 6, but we think it’s not close.

Microsoft and Bethesda mention the exclusivity issue – March 12 and June 20, respectively.

Following the acquisition of Bethesda Game Studios, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer addressed the burning topic on everyone’s mind: would Elder Scrolls VI be unique to Xbox?

“If you’re an Xbox user, I want you to understand that this is all about bringing amazing exclusive games to you on platforms that support Game Pass, and that is our aim.”

While it is expected that Elder Scrolls 6 will be exclusive, no clear response has been provided. Todd Howard of Bethesda seems hesitant to respond when questioned on June 20, 2021.

Teasers for Elder Scrolls – January 8 – The Elder Scrolls VI?

Bethesda teased a map as part of a new year’s welcome lately. The map depicts the Skyrim region and has three lights. One is in the unmapped territory of Hammerfell, as indicated by the map’s “Province of Skyrim” title. Another is the site of Solitude, Skyrim’s capital.

The last illumination source is a mound of coins featured in the collector’s edition of The Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor expansion in 2020. Whatever is coming, it appears as though it will not be long before we learn about it, and it will be intimately related to Skyrim.

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Release date

The Elder Scrolls VI will not be released shortly. Todd Howard revealed the game’s development at E3 2018 and provided a brief, unexplained teaser.

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