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Park Bo-gum Girlfriend 2022: Are Relationships True or False?

The 28-year-old South Korean actor and singer, Park Bo-gum, established his name with his versatility in television and films. The actor with a handsome face, a very sweet smile that won the hearts of millions, and the stellar talents that makes him a great actor.

The Record of Youth and Encounter actor has gathered countless awards for his performances.

Apart from his excellent career in the entertainment industry, his romantic life is something that his fans are also excited to know about with whom Park Bo-gum is in a relationship now.

Currently, Park Bo-gum is single and not dating anyone. Ever since he started his acting career, Park Bo-gum just didn’t say anything about any of his dating rumors ever that centered around him.

However, he had great chemistry with his co-stars which led to many rumors about him dating some of his co-stars like Red Velvet’s Irene, Kim Yoo-Jung, and some others.

Read the full article to know everything about Park Bo-gum’s love life.

Park Bo-gum Is Single, Neither Dating Nor Married Either

Park Bo Gum’s handsome and attractive personality is something no one can get enough of. His cute face and tall posture are enough to make anyone fall for him and most women find it hard to control their emotions because of this.

His love story has caught the fan’s attention and his track record in singing and acting. People think about Park Bo Gum’s current girlfriend quite often.

He himself has chosen not to reveal any details regarding his love life ever, along with his girlfriend. But he is rumored to be involved in romantic relationships with his co-stars many times.

Who Is the Ideal Type for Park Bo-gum?

Even if he does not confirm his relationship status, he opened up about the ideal type of woman with whom he would love to be. Read below to know more!

  • Park Bo-gum said in an interview that he would like to date a woman who feels enjoyable as a friend and cares for him just like a mom.
  • He desires a woman who can provide him attention and comfort, and in exchange, he would pledge to provide his uninterrupted attention to her forever.
  • He is someone who could easily be a woman at first sight. He states that “I’m a manly man when I’m dating.  I was like Lee Young in that I would assertively express that I like someone to that person.”
  • With the drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, he understood and felt how pleasant it is just to look at one woman.
  • On October 28, 2017, in an interview, he said that he didn’t have a definite ideal type.  
  • But a woman’s personality which he loves is someone he can be comfortable with and who could be a friend to him and would look after him like a mother.

Park Bo-gum’s Views on Marriage

Some claim that Park Bo-gum was all set to get married to one of his co-workers- and in the end, it was found that it was just a groundless rumor. 

As Park Bo-gum is actually very young and paying his full attention to his career, he has not actually thought a lot about marriage as of now. Or, perhaps he prefers to remain silent on his views about marriage. We wish him all the luck.

Park Bo-gum’s Dating Rumors With His Co-stars

Park Bo-gum Girlfriend
Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum shared amazing chemistry with almost all his co-stars to such an extent that people believed that they are concealing it because it is something special between them.

Although, there is no revelation about the dating rumors regarding him and any of his co-stars that became true to date. However, let’s just have a look at how great their bonds are actually.

Park Bo-gum’s Dating Rumors With Jang Na-ra

Both Park Bo-gum and Jang Na-ra starred in the 2015 KBS drama I Remembered You. In early 2016, rumors began circulating and even intensified when Park Bo-gum had a ring on while a fan signing for Reply 1988.

Back then, Park Bo-gum stated during an interview that “It was surprised to see the dating rumors with Na-ra,” and confirmed that they were not more than just good friends.

In February 2016, during an interview session, he also talked about the speculations that were being made about him dating Jang Na-ra.

Park Bo-gum said, “I noticed that dating rumors with Jang Nara were spreading. It made it look like I was dating her. I felt awkward having to call her after that. I was surprised since it’s such a nonsensical rumor.”

“It felt new since this is my first scandal, but I also felt sorry towards Na-ra noona. Perhaps it started when we filmed I Remember You together,” he further added.

When he was questioned about how he feels about having to cope with such rumors, he responded, “It’s an inevitable thing since I am a public figure. I’m actually trying to be thankful for the attention. I will be more careful and cautious in the future.”

After a year, the dating rumor intensified into a wedding rumor regarding Park Bo-gum and Jang Na-ra, as the actors were seen together on Cheongdam Wedding Street.

Fans expected that the duo would be busy with wedding preparations. Park Bo-gum and Jang Nara’s agencies retorted on June 23, 2017, “It doesn’t make any sense. We don’t know why these kinds of rumors are being spread without even evidence,” and emphasized, “The reports are false.”

Park Bo-gum’s Dating Rumors With Kim Yoo-Jung

There were also rumors about Park Bo-gum having a close relationship with actress and model Kim Yoo-Jung. The duo was seen together in the 2016 drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

Ever since the drama premiered, rumors started circulating over the Internet that the duo was in a relationship. It has been reported that Park Bo-gum has always been “very nice” to Kim Yoo-Jung, and the close interaction between them was misunderstood as a romantic bond.

However, Kim revealed that she sees him just like a sibling. They have finished the hectic shooting of their drama together and continued to be very close friends only and nothing more.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information until then stay tuned to our website.

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