News About Warzone Season 3 Release Date Updates, Trailers, and New Weapons

With the launch of Warzone Season 3, a big update is also forthcoming to us. A lot of details are being revealed by Activision with regards to what is approaching its super notorious battle royale. Along with, both Godzilla and King Kong, in what pledges to be a mammoth battle in the Pacific.

Since with the release of any new season of Warzone, your topmost agenda must be bypassing a quick trip to the gulag; second on the list is to figure out about the changes that are approaching the Pacific island of Caldera. 

Season 3 of Warzone is named ‘Classified Arms’ and it has some new weapons in it for us to support the name up. However, whether they turn out to be of enough utilization against the oversized risks is a huge question.

Nebula bombs have been bursting apart across Caldera, and they have set loose some known big-sized creatures riotous. Godzilla and King Kong have been checking around Caldera Island leaving their mark on the land. And in fact, they are proceeding to get their own event, named Operation Monarch.

Indications of the event are distributed throughout the map, along with strange ancient cave paintings and an ‘otherworldly axe’.

You can assume a different level of loot and scoot in your upcoming future in case you sought to endure and triumph over the challenges that Warzone Season 3 showers at you.

Warzone Season 3 Release Date and Time

It has been announced by Activision that the Warzone Season 3 is scheduled to launch on April 27, 2022, at 9 am PST/12 pm EST/5 pm BST, 2 am ACT.

The launch of the latest season will arrive on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC parallelly. Like always, it will be cross-play throughout all platforms. 

In addition, Warzone Season 3 will be released around all of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s core pillars as well. Also, the new content will be hitting for the multiplayer and zombie modes as well, hence, in case you are the one who also plays the other modes and also Warzone, a lot of new stuff will be available there for you to dig into.

For a tease of what is approaching in the new update of Warzone, have a look below at the Season 3 trailers. A number of details have been shared by Activision about the upcoming changes.

News About Warzone Season 3 Release Date Updates
Warzone Season 3

Warzone Season 3 Cinematic Trailer

The key Warzone trailer to watch is the cinematic trailer since it provides an actual flavor of all those things that are approaching in the Classified Arms update:

Warzone Season 3 Operation Monarch Trailer

The major and huge addition to the new Warzone update is a classic fight between King Kong and Godzilla. Activision is maintaining a secret regarding what precisely that will involve however, here are some glimpses about it that you can see below in this monster-packed trailer for Operation Monarch:

Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Trailer

For the fundamental point about what is added in the Warzone, the update is the season 3 battle pass trailer. It provides you a glimpse at the new cosmetics and weapons blueprints that you will be fighting to crack throughout the new season:

Warzone New Weapons

Without new weapons, there cannot be a warzone update, and the new season comes packed with new weapons. As confirmed by Activision, there would be four new weapons that will be included in the battle royale, and among them, two will be made available on the day of release.

  • Nikita AVT (Assault Rifle)
  • M1916 (Marksman Rifle)

The remaining two weapons would show up in the middle of the season:

  • Sledgehammer (Melee)
  • H4 Blixen (SMG)

Warzone New Operator

The upcoming Warzone update also introduces a new Warzone operator, Mateo Hernandez, which can be unlocked by you immediately by purchasing the battle pass.

It arrives with two elite skins in case you make a purchase of the battle pass and there are other two which can be unlocked by you after finishing tiers in the Warzone season 3 battle pass, and also two quips and an ending move.

Warzone: Map Changes

The main focus of the new season will be on Caldera, as Nebula bombs have been embarked on the island. It’s nice to see the map getting the focus since it has not received enough love after the Pacific update was launched.

The topmost change is the inclusion of a completely new POI, though there are also changes to current ones as well on the map:

  • Monarch Dig Site (New) – a mining operations site that was ditched after digging up vast skeletal fossils. It is situated between the Mine and Ruins
  • Peak (Changed) – the Peak has been strengthened, with all buildings completed and painted up with Monarch logos, though goes on to have a commanding view of the encompassing area
  • Runway (Changed) – jungle brush has been disposed of, and now, Runway has hangars, barracks, and disengaged planes in order to serve as a guard. You will also discover some watchtowers and other tall structures in case you ought to have a look across.
  • Lagoon (Changed) – the tides have altered, and disclosed a new sandbar that will enable you to dig into the Lighthouse without utilizing the bridge. It’s having some cover as well, in the form of moored ships
  • Hold (New Gulag) – a new last-chance arena is in the belly of one of the ships on the new sandbar in Lagoon. You will be dumping your shot back into the map amongst barrels and a few hallways from now onwards

Warzone: Event Details

The speculations of the king of crossover events were actually fact: the next Warzone update will set off Operation Monarch, an important in-game event that will be launched partway into season 3 on May 11. 

Operation Monarch features King Kong and Godzilla fighting it out over Caldera Island, but even if they don’t come by next month, we will see hints of their arrival from the time the new season kicks off credit to updates to the map.

The latest explosion has uncovered prehistoric fossils around the Warzone map, including other indications of less than fossilized creatures.

Operation Monarch isn’t only about battling with monsters, it also gets with its unique skins, like this Kong attire:

A lot of new skins are there to unlock and purchase, several of them themed after Kong and Godzilla.

Apart from the skins on sale, over 25 free items and blueprints are there that you can unlock over the period of Warzone season 3, like the Regimental” Marksman Rifle, “Retro Fashioned” Shotgun, “and the Legendary “Photon Phantom” Pistol.

We will keep you updated with all the latest information until then stay tuned to our website.

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