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DIA Member Somyi Joins PandaTV (Public Reactions)

Things are a-changing for the fans of the girl group DIA, as former member Somyi has joined PandaTV. They are commonly referred to as be T-sibling ARA group. Eunice, Jueun, Huihyeon, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae, and previous member Somyi formed DIA under MBK Entertainment in 2015.

Despite the female group had hit singles, their debut did not garner them any popularity. Additionally, the firm sends group members to other survival shows. Their popularity fluctuated dramatically, much like a roller coaster.

However, after years in obscurity as an average female group, DIA resurfaced on search engines. As a previous member, Somyi chose to restart her career.

Somyi has been a non-participant in DIA’s 2020 return promotion activities. Making admirers question if she was ill or preparing to retire. However, neither the former idol nor their firm handled her disappearance properly at the time.

However, shortly afterward, Somyi released a couple of her body profile photos and expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted her in achieving the figure. At the same time, some fans were taken aback by the images of the group’s Maknae, who always appeared so innocent.

Many dismissed it, believing that Somyi is simply comfortable in her skin and is unaffected by the abuse.

DIA Member Somyi Joins PandaTV
DIA Member Somyi Joins PandaTV

Somogyi’s Rebirth as “BJ Chomyi”

After three years of no-touch with DIA, Somyi was suddenly recognized as a BJ on the online broadcasting network PandaTV. Somyi, who goes by the moniker BJ Chomyi, works as an online streamer and performs in front of a live audience.

While some performances include gaming, commentary, and making, the most popular and entertaining acts on the broadcasts involve sexual activities. Due to the limited availability of the streaming network in South Korea, none of Somogyi’s feeds have made it to the internet.

While some netizens who joined her streaming stated that Somyi was dressed skimpily. And dancing and fulfilling the viewers’ requests in exchange for money.

How Are Netizens Reacting To The Major Shift?

Netizens have conflicting feelings about Somogyi’s new direction. At the same time, it is not uncommon for a former idol to go to a different job within the business. It’s not simple for former idols to go into a well-paying backup role overnight.

A netizen and former DIA fan resorted to social media to express her dissatisfaction with Somyi’s new job. The netizen, who described it as a reality check, stated that she was first concerned about Somyi since she was referred to as unattractive on V Lives.

However, her recent appointment as a presenter on an adult network has caused her to reconsider her decisions as she was an admirer of hers and even possessed her photocard.

I am informing Somyi that she must obtain a credential or gain admission to college regardless of the difficulty. The netizen continued by requesting that Somyi reevaluate her job choices.

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While another admirer chimed in to support Somyi, stating that she is free to do anything she wants, recognizing that she has the right to seek employment elsewhere to earn money. Additionally, what she is doing is not unlawful; the netizen requested that she refrain from spreading hate for no reason.

While another netizen chimed in with the question of why she chose PandaTV over any other legitimate streaming provider. Given that she already has a youthful audience that looks up to her, she might have picked something less embarrassing for her admirers.

This event had convinced netizens that stars are nothing more than puppets for their agents and followers.

While many fans have said that heroes should go to whatever length to keep their admirers happy. Rather than battling or calling out entertainment businesses who underpay their celebrities or discriminate against group members. As they are forced to retire and pursue other avenues.

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