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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Can’t Afford to Fall for Bogus Stories About Top Wide Receiver Target.

The Buccaneers are well aware that April 1st is the worst day for sports news.

Unfortunately, the infantile tradition of April 1st pranking individuals is not limited to schools. Each year, professional players and media join in on the festivities, resulting in a slew of disinformation as they report on outrageous deals and signings.

This is precisely what occurred today for Buccaneers fans, courtesy of a trendy offseason name.

While the original snapshot appeared to be exciting for a squad already loaded with former Patriots players, Julian Edelman’s claim from earlier today is incorrect. He will not be a Buccaneer. Yet.

Edelman would not be the first player to defect from the Patriots to the Buccaneers. Brady’s reach extends far beyond what “logical” actions entail, and this offseason has done much to stoke the rumor fires regarding Edelman rejoining his old QB.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady and Edelman’s workout videos sparked these speculations weeks ago, and a statement like this makes perfect sense given that backdrop. Nonetheless, it is April Fools Day today. On a day like today, no announcements make sense.

This report would have far more credibility if the Buccaneers released the material. The absence of any meaningful acknowledgment from the Buccaneers or their writers speaks much about the smoke’s lack of fire.

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Nonetheless, the possibility of Edelman rejoining the Buccaneers is not implausible. Brady could always use extra hands following the absence of depth after last season, and even time away from the NFL and apart will not slow this combo down.

The Buccaneers and Brady would both be delighted if this rumor were true, but it will not happen today.

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