Hunters Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Though they are still lagging behind streaming rival Netflix in terms of original content, the Amazon Prime Video executives are finding their stride, attracting tens of thousands of new viewers with recent releases such as Good Omens and The Boys. Of course, their smash hit series Fleabag.

However, the streamer found itself embroiled in controversy after joining up with Jordan Peele, creator of getting Out, for 2020’s real surprise of a drama series, Hunters.

Set in late-1970s New York, the series follows a group of badasses (headed by cinematic great Al Pacino) who have banded together to track down Nazi leaders who survived WWII, went into hiding, and are now working covertly to establish a Fourth Reich.

Peele and showrunner David Weil created a stunning, hyper-violent story that weaves between fantastical and real-world elements to create a Tarantino-style plot.

The liberties used by Hunters in terms of historical accuracy riled off the individuals behind the Auschwitz Memorial, who condemned the series for its “dangerous folly,” notably during key sequences staged within Auschwitz.

Apart from the controversy, season 1 of Hunters divided reviewers and spectators; however, many overlooked the series’ flaws in favor of high drama, dramatic action, and daring narrative twists.

If you’ve previously seen the first season of Hunters, you’re aware that the finale episode included some surprises. Fortunately, Amazon executives will not abandon the series’ dizzying cliffhangers since the program was renewed for a second season.

Here’s all we know thus far about Hunters season 2.

Hunters Season 2 Release Date

Season one premiered on Amazon Prime Video in February 2020 and was renewed for a second season in August of last year. However, production was postponed because of the pandemic, and filming was slated to begin in the autumn of 2021.

According to claims from local casting agencies, filming would begin in the Czech Republic in October.

In an interview, creator David Weil stated that production would take place in Europe, saying: “I’m going to get in trouble for mentioning this, but we’ve wrapped filming in the United States and will begin filming in Europe in the coming days.

Thus, we are now in production, and I expect to chat with you about the release of Hunters season 2 sometime next year.” With the production program, we may anticipate new episodes in mid-to late-2022.

Hunters Season 2
Hunters Season 2

Hunters Season 2 Plot

Now that we know roughly when and who will return for Hunters season 2, the issue remains what will become of the titular group in the upcoming season.

While we don’t have much knowledge regarding the Hunters’ future, we are certain that the ethically muddy waters in which they swim will only become murkier in the following season.

It’s a reasonable guess that Lerman’s Jonah will likewise take on a greater leadership position in the coming seasons. We’re convinced that most of the crew will struggle immensely with the fallout from Meyer’s outing as “The Wolf.”

And, as hinted at in the season 1 finale, it’s a reasonable guess that season 2 of Hunters will see the group traveling to Europe to sever the Fourth Reich snake’s head at its source.

Unfortunately, they are unaware that the present leader of the would-be Fourth Reich (and previous “head” of the Third Reich) is still alive and well in South America, where he lives with Eva Braun and their extremely weird blonde-haired kids.

As it stands, Louis Ozawa’s Joe Mizushima is the only member of the crew who is aware of that heinous piece of knowledge, having been last seen battered, bruised, extremely bewildered, and set to feast with Adolf and Eva.

What the heinous duo has planned for the lethal Mizushima is unknown. Still, showrunner David Weil previously hinted to Refinery 29 that Hitler intends to use him “as a weapon for them.”

If you’ve ever witnessed that type of action, you know it may spell disaster for anyone who gets in his path. We can only hope he is strong enough to resist being persuaded and brainwashed by his Nazi captors.

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Hunters Season 2 Cast

These cast members from season one are also expected to return in season two:

  • Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum
  • Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris
  • Lena Olin as The Colonel / Eva
  • Saul Rubinek as Murray Markowitz
  • Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz
  • Josh Radnor as Lonny Flash
  • Greg Austin as Travis Leich

Hunters Season 2 Trailer

Because Hunters may go back in time but not ahead, we will not be able to share a new trailer with you until closer to the premiere of season two.

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