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Ninjago Season 14 Release Date Status, Plot, Cast And Latest Updates

Ninjago Season 14 Release Date Status

Ninjago Season 14 Release Date Status

‘Ninjago’ is a computer-animated television series produced by The Lego Group. Michael Hegner and Tommy Andreasen created it. The series follows six young ninjas as they battle evil forces in the fantastical realm of Ninjago. The program started with two pilot episodes on January 14, 2011, followed by season 1 on December 2, 2011.

Ninjago‘ is one of the most popular Lego television series among fans and has received critical acclaim for its plot, character development, and soundtrack. Naturally, fans must be wondering when season 14, dubbed ‘Ninjago: The Island,’ will be available. Let us ascertain!

Release Date for Ninjago Season 14

‘Ninjago’ season 13 or ‘Master of the Mountain’ premiered on Cartoon Network on September 13, 2020, and concluded on October 25, 2020. Season 13 consists of sixteen episodes, each lasting roughly 11 minutes.

The following is what we know about season 14. Season 14 does not yet have a formal release date, but the program’s creators have not shied away from revealing the route the show will take in 2021.

Additionally, the official trailer for the fourteenth season has been released, indicating that the debut of the fourteenth season is not long behind. As a result, we may anticipate the release of ‘Ninjago’s season 14 in the first half of 2021.

Ninjago Season 14 Release Date

Who Might Appear in Ninjago Season 14?

Vincent Tong (Kai), Michael Adamthwaite (Jay), Brent Miller (Zane), Kirby Morrow (Cole), Kelly Metzger (Nya), and Paul Dobson provide the voices for the six ninjas at the core of the plot (Wu). These voice performers are expected to return for season 14, except for Kirby Morrow, who died tragically in 2020. However, according to rumors, he did record the lines before his death.

Additionally, Sam Vincent (Lloyd Garmadon), Kathleen Barr (Misako), Jillian Michaels (Maya), Ian James Corlett (Clutch Powers), and Jennifer Hayward (Clutch Powers) may return to voice their roles (P.I.X.A.L.). There may, however, be a few exceptions. It is unknown who would voice the two new characters in the future season, Chief Mammatus and Twitchy Tim.


What may the plot of Ninjago Season 14 be?

Each season of the show is noted for its unique plot. What may happen in season 14? The ninjas will travel to an island off the mainland, searching for Misako. The ninjas will encounter a violent indigenous culture on the island that worships a sea beast and offers sacrifices to alleviate it.

The ninjas must battle the waters, a terrifying marine monster, and unfriendly islanders in the forthcoming season. Season 14’s antagonists will be Chief Mammatus and the Keepers.

The components listed below will appear in subsequent seasons; however, it is unclear if they will be included in season 14 or not, as season 15 is scheduled to air in the second half of 2021.

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We’ll witness fascinating developments in Jay and Nya’s and Kai and Nya’s relationships. One of the ninjas is expected to undergo a “dramatic” transformation, and we shall soon learn who it is. Jay may find himself in a lot of danger, but so may Ninjago City, which is almost certain to be invaded again.

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