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Will Horimiya Season 2 Gonna Happen?

When “Horimiya,” a lovely high school romance anime about two kids with seemingly contrasting characteristics, premiered in January 2021, it was positively appreciated by viewers.

The 13-episode animation is based on a web manga series written and drawn by Hiroki Adachi and first published on her website from 2007 to 2011.

Daisuke Hagiwara ultimately adapted and drew the story into the popular manga series “Horimiya,” released by Monthly GFantasy, and serves as the inspiration for the anime.

The series, produced by CloverWorks, chronicles the blossoming connection between Kyouko Hori, a polite social butterfly who excels in school but conceals a secret about herself, and Miyamura, a quiet and gloomy kid with no friends whose hard appearance, conceals a lovely and sensitive heart.

Following an accidental encounter early in the anime, they become friends and begin sharing their secrets, revealing new facets of themselves and building the framework for a more mature love connection.

Horimiya Season 2

The first season closed in April with the pair’s graduation, and many fans of “Horimiya” are now wondering if there will be a follow-up season. We’ve gathered as much information as possible regarding a potential future season. The following is what we currently know about “Horimiya” Season 2.

Horimiya Season 2 Release date

Much anime is based on existing source material. If you’ve watched the first season of “Horimiya,” you’re probably already aware that the 13 episodes produced spanned the complete 122-chapter plot arc of the original manga.

The season concludes with the graduation of the top pair and a pleasant finale that leaves no loose ends to tie. As a result, this implies that a second season of the anime is quite improbable. And, as of now, the show’s creators have made no indication that the anime will continue.

With 122 chapters of source material and just 13 episodes, it’s clear that “Horimiya” did not cover everything in the manga.

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While some of these chapters were addressed in a brief slideshow montage that wrapped the anime, subsequent episodes would likely go into the unfinished plots. Regrettably, there has been no indication that other incidents of this nature are on the way. As a result, we must wait and pray for inspiration to hit.

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