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When Does Season 9 Start? League of Legends Season 9 Start Date!

The preseason is notorious for its bizarre and wondrous metas. Or not so amazing, depending on your personality type.

If you’re as competitive as they come, you’re probably eager to begin your ranked climb! Fortunately, Riot has revealed the scheduled start date for Season 9, and we won’t have to wait long to resume our grind.

We’ll also discuss what to expect throughout the preseason, but first, let’s address this post’s question: When will the ninth season of League of Legends begin?

League of Legends Season 9 Start date

According to senior designer Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer, the preseason will begin on November 21st with the release of patch 8.23. Season 9 will officially begin a few months later, on January 23rd!

Season 8 began on January 16th, so there isn’t much of a difference — however, Season 7 began on December 7th!

Nonetheless, we believe it is preferable to wait a month longer and have a balanced game. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to play our positions when everything is in disarray.

With everything out of the way, let’s look at what we have coming up!

Lol Season 9 Start
Lol Season 9 Start

League of Legends Season 9 Plot

When patch 8.24 is released shortly after the preseason, ranking modifications will begin. This is also the patch that introduces the Iron and Grandmaster levels and the elimination of the 5th ranked tier.

As is customary, this will result in some imbalanced play, but we won’t have to put up with it for long. Patch 9.1 is expected to offer stability, while patch 9.2 will officially kick off season 9.

Do not be concerned. Your rated rating will remain constant during the preseason, while your honor will be reset at the start of the season. You can continue earning honors as usual, but it will not affect the prize you get the next year.

If you were honor level 3 last season, you would receive that prize — it makes no difference if you are now honoring level 5.

In other preseason news, those who are dissatisfied with their roles will become quite pleased.

We’ve witnessed a significant decline in the number of individuals performing many roles in ranking during the last few years; however, this is likely to alter shortly.

Individuals remain in a single role due to the position choice function, which is currently being updated! On the surface, it’s a fantastic tool, but it has enraged some gamers.

The new method encourages players who specialize in a single job, whereas previously, they were awarded for their ability to perform effectively in all roles. You’ve probably observed how games become more difficult when you’re auto-filled or playing a new position.

The current matching system regards all skill levels equally – even if you’re Diamond but have never Supported.

The less experience you have in a certain job, the more difficult the game becomes.

You wouldn’t expect someone who has solely done abstract paintings to be a master of realism: both are artists, but their techniques are quite different. This is precisely the case in League of Legends.

While some may argue that players may dodge if they are auto-filled, no one should be forced to forfeit LP or time. You may still wonder, “Why should I care about this change? It can’t possibly be that beneficial.”

To be sure, encouraging players to take on additional responsibilities offers several advantages.

We will refrain from going into depth; however, in our opinion, By assuming a variety of roles, players can develop a greater capacity for empathy.

Someone who has spent much experience jungling is less inclined to blame the Jungler constantly.

It’s more enjoyable. Given the jobs’ diversity, why wouldn’t you want to shake things up now and then?

It teaches you how to deal with people. Assume you’re a marksman who Darius routinely slams. What are your responsibilities?

To defeat an adversary, you must first understand him – or, better yet, become him. By playing a few games as Darius and acquiring the ability to take down carry, you may understand how Darius thinks.

League of Legends Season 9 Position Select Feature

Riot concurs that the game should be balanced, so they want to reward those who specialize in a single job and those who seek to master them all!

Positional matching will be implemented at the start of League of Legends season 9. Riot will, in essence, pair you with opponents based on your skill level and the role you’re playing.

However, in Master and Challenger, things become a little more tricky. If you manage to rise that high, congratulations, but keep in mind that you will be utilizing the same system now since people are less likely to obtain desired tasks in ultra-high divisions.

Will Grandmaster And Iron Ranks Hurt, LOL?

As with everything, some individuals were outraged when Riot announced the release of two additional ranks. However, the adjustment must be beneficial, or Riot would not make it. Right?

Indeed, yeah! Riot has made some dubious moves in the past, but this is one of the better ones! The game presently has a problem where players can become trapped in Bronze, Silver, or Diamond for an extended period.

Although this may seem little, a lack of growth can cause individuals to become burned out – if they aren’t ascending, why would they bother trying as hard?

Riot remedied this by releasing new ranks, but they didn’t stop there! Divisions now have four, rather than five, tiers to provide players a greater feeling of development.

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League of Legends Season 9 Expected Plot

By the time Season 9 arrives, there are likely to be several Champion changes.

The rank border is being updated to reflect your rank for the CURRENT season – and it will expand and alter in real-time as you advance. (Don’t worry, Riot is working on a mechanism to display your prior season’s rank.)

Additionally, there will be additional ranking awards! Considering all of this, we can fairly predict that Season 9 will be one of the most competitive yet!

If you want to start the new season off right, why not pick up a smurf to guarantee your appearance is flawless?

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