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Julie Lauren Curtis’s Relationship With Trace Adkins, Shoots And Latest Updates

Julie Lauren Curtis is the second ex-wife of Trace Adkins, 59, an American country performer. Trace has sold more than 11 million records worldwide. Julie was also the one who shot him, but he was fortunate to live.

Relationship between Julie Lauren Curtis and Trace Adkins

Julie Lauren Curtis and Trace Adkins had known each other since 1989 when they began dating. And on 3 February 1991, after two years of romance, they said ‘I do’ to one other.

It was a happy time for both of them, but their marriage did not last long. They parted three years later, in 1994. They are not married, and the cause for their divorce is unknown.

Julie Lauren Curtis attempts to assassinate Trace Adkins.

Julie had fired a point-blank shot at Trace Adkins in February 1994. The pair got into a heated dispute over his drinking, which quickly escalated into violence. Julie attempted to contact Trace’s mother, but he yanked the phone from the wall.

Julie snatched up the.38 pistols lying on the refrigerator and leveled them at him out of rage. And he attempted to frighten it from her grasp.

Julie Lauren Curtis

How was Trace saved?

It was a near-fatal shooting, with the bullet passing through his heart and both lungs. Fortunately, he was brought to a hospital, and medics were able to save his life. However, he surprised everyone by declining to bring charges against Julie. However, the couple split shortly after that.

Trace has been involved in numerous such incidents throughout his life. At 17, his 1955 Chevrolet pickup truck collided head-on with a school bus. He fractured many ribs, had a lung puncture, and had a portion of his nose taken off.

He sustained a serious knee injury in college and could not continue football as a profession. And in 1989, Hurricane Chantal left him and nine coworkers trapped on an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Other marriages and relationships of Trace Adkins

Barbara Lewis, his first wife, was his high school sweetheart. They married in 1980 and together produced two children, Tarah and Sarah. However, they split in 1995 after 15 years of marriage.

He met Rhonda Forlaw, the PR manager. They were friends before forming a partnership. They married on 11 May 1997. Mackenzie, Brianna, and Trinity are the couple’s three daughters.

However, after 15 years, they filed for divorce in March 2014. It was following the revelation of his affair. In June 2015, she dropped the divorce but refiled it less than a month later.

Trace began dating Canadian actress Victoria Pratt, and the two married on 12 October 2019. Blake Shelton officiated their Louisiana wedding.

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