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Will There Be a ‘Tampa Baes’ Season 2? All Latest Insights

Now and again, a reality program emerges that completely alters the game. Tampa Baes may or may not succeed in accomplishing that, but it is feasible.

The Amazon Prime Video series follows 12 women from Tampa Bay, Florida, who identify as LGBTQ+. And after seeing only one episode, you’ll be left wondering: Will Tampa Baes have a Season 2?

Before Tampa Baes, Amazon Prime Video had not made an official foray into reality television. It’s safe to say that the platform has placed all of its eggs in one basket.

However, it may pay off if the 12 ladies, who were all acquainted before filming, can resonate with viewers.

They have genuine relationships from the start. And in a world of reality television series like Real Housewives, sincerity is critical to sticking out.

What is the plot of ‘Tampa Baes’?

Consider Queer Eye crossed with The L Word. To some extent. Tampa Baes is a story about twelve lesbian ladies who reside in the same town in Florida. The eight-episode first season follows them through it all.

There are parties and trips, but the group also has turmoil. In turn, that will almost certainly carry the series onward.

Tampa Baes Season 2

Will ‘Tampa Baes’ get a Season 2?

As of the right moment, Amazon Prime Video has made no statement regarding Tampa Baes Season 2. It is standard for programs across all genres on the streaming platform.

And just because Tampa Baes was not renewed does not mean the campaign is over. It’s all dependent on how much content is transmitted and how people react to it.

Before the Tampa Bae series premiere, fans voiced their excitement for the series. Tampa Baes might be renewed for a second season before you know it if their tweets give any hint. You’ll have to make do with the eight episodes we received for the time being.

The cast of ‘Tampa Baes’ comprises couples and singles familiar with one another.

What distinguishes Tampa Baes from most other reality television series is the cast’s true friendships. Unlike series on Bravo, where it’s more difficult to establish genuine friendships, Tampa Baes depicts a variety of genuine connections.

Some of the ladies are romantically involved with one another, while others are close friends, and the series’ unique dynamic sets it apart from the competitors.

Undoubtedly, the ladies of Tampa Baes will have their share of drama. Indeed, we are banking on it. However, they were not put together by a casting director who was just interested in the drama – they were all acquainted before filming.

Tampa Baes is available on Amazon Prime.

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