Who Is Dream IRL? These Are the Facts You Should Be Aware of

Dream IRL has nearly 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel only within two years being one of the most notorious Minecraft YouTubers worldwide.

His daily videos have also accumulated more than 10 billion views on YouTube which is remarkable. Here are some facts that you should know about Dream IRL.

Who Is Dream IRL?

Dream IRL has always been skilled at playing Minecraft. In 2013, he started making videos for his YouTube channel and since then he has never looked back. Dream gained fame following he became one of forgecraft’s first subscribers on YouTube.

He has become one of Minecraft’s most noticeable YouTubers. And though he also plays other games on his secondary media. 

What Is the Real Name of Dream IRL?

Dream’s real name isn’t known yet nor has he ever revealed his face. He utilizes his YouTube channel as an extension of himself.

He began under his YouTube channel’ Dream Minecraft Face‘ but then altered it to ‘Dream IRL as he aspired to make a name just beyond Minecraft videos. He was born on August 12, 1999, in Boston, Italy but now stays in Los Angeles with other social media stars such as Smosh and PewDiePie.

The dream has several other passions beyond YouTube like basketball, snowboarding, playing guitar and piano, and working on applications and games on his iPad.

If you are a Minecraft fan, then you must have heard about Dream as he is one of Minecraft’s biggest stars and that game brought him many fans and subscribers right after uploading his first video in 2010. But there is so much more that he does apart from Minecraft gaming videos. 

Is Dream Irl in Minecraft?

A new game titled Dream IRL has recently gained popularity on YouTube. The game requires you to respond to people calling your name, or else they scream at you and kill you off-screen.

As stupid as it sounds, some quite big personalities have played it on their channels. Hence, it isn’t difficult to find out information regarding those who are playing it now.

However, firstly you should know where to look. Here are the names currently playing Dream IRL on YouTube: Jake Paul, RiceGum, and many others also.

Dream IRL, Who Is Dream IRL?
Dream IRL

What Happened With Dream and Pewdiepie?

PewDiePie’s long-running YouTube collaboration with another popular channel, Jacksepticeye, has been put to an end. But it was not due to any controversy.

Rather, PewDiePie whose real name is Felix Kjellberg ended his Friendship series with Jacksepticeye following Disney ties with him after anti-Semitic jokes in one of his videos.

The video game commentator has a huge fanbase for himself on YouTube, with 57 million subscribers and an anticipated income of $12 million to $14 million per year. So, PewDiePie did not need much help from Disney.

What Is the Story Behind the Dream Irl Mask?

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of people who wear such masks. Though the exact reason behind covering his face isn’t revealed yet. 

We will keep you updated with all the latest news until then stay tuned to our website.

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