You Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

You. It’s so simple to fall in love with you; Penn Badgley delivers an unsettlingly riveting portrayal as serial murderer Joe Goldberg; each season, you introduce us to a new, wonderful ensemble. Most importantly, you’re chock-full of completely bizarre surprises.

Thus, although fans’ favorite characters are murdered each season, we can’t help but like the Netflix Original thriller helmed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble and based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel series.

The series began with a single episode on Lifetime before becoming a Netflix Original and has become one of the streaming service’s most popular shows over its three-season run.

Season 3 elevated the program to new heights, transitioning from a good-bad binge-watch to just good. Given the show’s popularity, Netflix renewed it for a fourth season before Season 3 even premiered.

With last season’s jaw-dropping climax in which Joe murdered Love (Victoria Pedretti) and then fled to Paris, it appears as though we’re in for another nasty and stalker-ish journey from everyone’s favorite creeper. Discover everything there is to know about You Season 4 in the sections below.

When is the fourth season of You scheduled to premiere?

Joe makes a concerted effort to go on murdering sprees undetected, but Netflix makes an even greater effort. In late March 2022, the streamer announced through Twitter that Season 4 of the series was already in development.

While no official launch date has been set, if everything goes according to plan and the series shoots throughout spring and early summer 2022, it might air in the year’s closing months.

You Season 4
You Season 4

Who will return for You Season 4?

Without its eerie narrator and protagonist stalker/assassin Joe, What would you be? Penn Badgley, of course, will reprise his part. (And, no, having a crush on Joe is still not acceptable. However, Badgley is a different tale.)

Apart from Badgley, it’s difficult to predict who may return. Now that we know our obsessive man with a penchant for slaughter has fled to Europe, away from the Seasons 1-3 settings of New York City, Los Angeles, and the mythical Madre Linda—and has murdered a few individuals from each of those locations—there are unlikely to be too many characters carried over.

Thus, my apologies to Victoria Pedretti fans: Unless she reappears in flashbacks, she is unlikely to return, given Joe killed his killer-in-crime/wife Love last season, leaving their infant Henry with his library employee Dante (Ben Mehl).

Nothing has been confirmed, but we may see more of Tati Gabrielle’s Marienne. As you may recall, it was the person Joe sought to track down on an entirely different continent at the season’s conclusion.

It’s difficult to say, though, because Joe’s wandering eyes may easily settle on another unsuspecting victim and cause him to forget about his librarian fling as well.

Is there a new cast member on board for You Season 4?

It is where the fun begins. The upcoming season will introduce a plethora of fresh, unlucky individuals destined to become trapped in Joe’s vicious web.

According to Deadline, in February 2022, the first new cast member confirmed was rising star Lukas Gage (White Lotus, Euphoria). He portrays Adam, the series’ youngest and most failed party-boy son of a wealthy American businessman.

He appears to be determined to prove himself to his family and establish himself as an entrepreneur and would do “absolutely whatever he can get away with” to do this. As is the case with most of the characters on You, Deadline writes that “Adam is concealing a treasure mine of secrets.”

The other significant casting announcement occurred in late March 2022, when it was revealed that British actress Charlotte Ritchie (Call the Midwife, Feel Good) would portray Kate, the new lead, alongside Badgley.

According to Deadline, she meets Joe when her fun-loving yet self-centered literature professor boyfriend Malcolm (to be portrayed by Stephen Hagan) meets him and brings the seemingly typical American vagrant into their London lifestyle.

As an ambitious, intelligent, and devoted young lady, she is instantly skeptical of the stranger and “strongly thinks that something about the man is not as it appears.”

According to reports, she is an art gallery director who deals with a large number of “tempestuous artists,” so be prepared for some ridiculous, uppity art world types to arrive.

Tilly Keeper will portray Kate’s long-time best friend, Lady Phoebe (EastEnders). She is described as an “aristocratic socialite with a devoted following,” whose life has been chronicled in tabloids since she was a youngster.

Phoebe is dating Adam, who Lukas Gage plays, and therefore his character will fit within this wider London setting.

Along with Keeper, two more regulars have been announced: Amy Leigh Hickman (EastEnders) and Ed Speleers (Outlander). Hickman will portray Nadia, a literature major and aspiring author (likely Malcolm’s student).

As Deadline notes, you may want to keep an eye on her “She’s made some significant errors, and they now threaten to devastate her life. She will require assistance, even if it comes from the wrong people.”

Speleers will portray Rhys, an author who came from a difficult upbringing before producing a successful biography that catapulted him into a career in politics.

He appears to be pals with all of the new season’s creative and intellectual types, but he keeps in contact with them because they were there for him throughout his childhood.

There are also a few recurrent characters. Apart from that upscale British gang, we’ll meet Dawn, a paparazzi photographer portrayed by Alison Pargeter (Holby City), and Elliot, played by Adam James (Vigil).

Elliot’s occupation is unknown; however, he is claimed to have resided in California for years and is employed by a “strong” company that compels him to travel around Europe.

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What is the plot of You Season 4?

Joe, pip cheerio! Prepare for a season set in London. While the Season 3 finale placed Joe in Paris, Deadline’s cast sources and set photographs show that he is currently terrorizing London Town.

Perhaps he’s on the move, and we’ll watch him wreak havoc on the lives of hundreds of Englishmen and Europeans, but based on the new cast members, the season appears to be mostly set in the United Kingdom.

(We apologize to Netflix subscribers who hoped for a gloomy Emily in Paris crossover season.) Perhaps the land of Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Dickens was all along beckoning our book-loving son!

There have been few story elements published for the new season, but it appears that Joe will become involved with a rich set of London’s 20- and 30-somethings.

Why is it unknown, given that we know he despises these kinds of people from his interactions with Beck’s buddies in Season 1 and with Love and Forty later on—but, sadly, he’s likely to kill a good deal of them.

That is just how it is with You! Now that he’s on his own and no longer has his fancy sound-proof human fishbowl basement at his disposal, it’ll be fascinating to see whether he becomes the next Jack (uh, Joe) the Ripper by becoming a bit messier with his criminal enterprise.

It’s also difficult to predict which of these fortunate ladies will ultimately become the target of his attention. Given that Charlotte Richie’s Kate is listed as the protagonist, she’s a safe bet, even if she is first distrustful of him.

Her boyfriend and his pals certainly sound very annoying—and as we all know, Joe is always willing to lend a shoulder to weep on for his crushes, whom he knows better than anyone else.

Oh, You—we’ll deal with whatever mayhem ensues and continue updating this story as new information becomes available.

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