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A New ‘stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer Will Be Released

Numerous Netflix’s most popular series have returned or are scheduled to return this year, with Stranger Things possibly the most popular. Since Season 3 debuted in the summer of 2019, fans have anticipated the show’s fourth season.

The horror series is slated to return next month, and Netflix has now announced the release of a new teaser for Season 4.

Netflix just started on their Twitter page, “Stranger Things 4 teaser soon!” There is no teaser clip or graphic accompanying this post. Simply those five basic words. However, this is Stranger Things, and that is all that is required to keep fans giddy with anticipation.

Stranger Things Season 4

It’ll be fascinating to see what the teaser reveals, given how little we know about the forthcoming season. So far, we know that David Harbour’s Hopper is still alive in Russia, Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven has relocated to California with the Byers family, and the rest of our fan favorites are still dealing with unexplained happenings in Hawkins.

The Duffer Brothers recently discussed the scope of Stranger Things Season 4 with Deadline. They discussed the three distinct narratives and how the story’s scope has been significantly broadened. They even dubbed it their “Game of Thrones” season to convey the scope of the upcoming episodes to viewers.

Additionally, they disclosed that they need an additional episode to fit everything they wanted into the tale – meaning Season 4 will be Stranger Things’ largest season to date in terms of episode length. They also stated in this same interview that the Upside Down would become much more obvious this season.

Fans will finally get some of the answers they’ve been waiting for since the series’ inception. After all, this is the last season, and Upside Down has grown increasingly mysterious over time.

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While it is still a small sample size, this season is shaping to be the most interesting ever. After all of the cryptic signals we’ve received from different teasers and posters, this new trailer should help paint a better image of the adventure-horror epic’s direction.

Stranger Things Season 4 will begin on May 27, 2022, and conclude on July 1, 2022. While we wait for the new trailer, you can watch Stranger Things’ first three seasons on Netflix.

Netflix’s announcement tweet is included below.

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