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Today’s article will examine Trey Smith’s net worth. Who hasn’t heard of him? Trey Smith is the eldest son of the infamous Will Smith, whom he shares with ex-wife Sheree Fletcher.

Trey’s connection with his father Will had been rather strained following their divorce. However, it has improved over time and is presented excellently. He has followed in his father’s footsteps, appearing in a handful of films.

Trey amassed a sizable fan base with the publication of his 2008 film, The Speech. If you missed it, he also appeared in his father’s music video for the song “Just The Two Of Us.”

Fans are curious about Trey Smith’s Net Worth, given his flexibility in the entertainment world. He has never considered living a lavish lifestyle using his father’s name and wealth as a celebrity child.

He has always believed in perseverance and is determined to do more in the coming days. This page is highly recommended to learn more about Trey Smith’s famous works, financial earnings, and other facts.

Trey Smith’s Net Worth: Earnings & Career

Trey Smith’s Net Worth in 2022 is expected to be $2 million. Most of his earnings stem from his ability as a flexible and versatile actor. He has not only followed in his father’s footsteps but has excelled at it. Trey appears to have received his acting abilities only from his father.

There are, however, various more brand endorsement partnerships through which Trey Smith has amassed a substantial sum of money.

He has had a distinct level of interest in fancy automobiles since he was a youngster. Similarly, due to his accomplishment, he possesses a sizable collection at this age.

However, the list of his automobiles has not been updated. On the other hand, his Malibu house is million dollars in value. The precise figure will be updated shortly.

Trey Smith Net Worth
Trey Smith Net Worth


This is only the start of his acting career. Trey Smith has gained considerable recognition due to his parts in The Speech (2008), All Of Us (2003), and Ace Feat. Jaden Smith and Willow Smith: Find You Somewhere, and a few more.

He appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He is now honing his acting talents to land additional assignments in the coming months. He appears to be prepared to rock!

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Trey Smith’s Additional Information

Apart from his significant earnings and accomplishments, people are curious about Trey Smith. Many of you are curious about Will and Trey’s father-son bond.

Trey Smith was born on 11 November 1992. That puts him at the age of 29. Because his birthday falls on the first day of the second final month of the year, he is a Scorpio. Trey is 1.84 meters tall and weighs 70 kg.

Trey Smith and his father connect over a racing car driving on an Abu Dhabi Formula 1 track. Additionally, they were in attendance at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to show their support for Lewis Hamilton.

Will Smith frequently mentors him and offers him acting training. Trey Smith has a sizable following on Instagram, namely 835K followers in terms of social media celebrity.

Additionally, he is a quite active Twitter user, with over 21K followers. He frequently publishes images and statements about his life and profession. You may follow him on social media to stay up to speed on Trey Smith’s life.

Best wishes for Trey Smith’s future endeavors. I’m hoping he improves more than his father and achieves more achievement! We feel he has a long road ahead of him!