Ten Count Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Updates

Ten Count, a popular Japanese manga series, will soon receive an anime adaptation, and fans are ecstatic to see what the producers have in store for them.

There are several rumors and theories about Ten Count’s anime adaptation. We’ve compiled all the latest updates and information on the anime to save you time, so here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Ten Count anime series.

How was the original Ten Count manga series received?

According to recent speculations, the new anime adaptation will be quite entertaining, and fans of the original manga series will devour it. Fans are optimistic that the studio will continue the project beyond season 1 and that the anime will do the original material respect.

The manga is illustrated and written by Rihito Takarai, who also created Seven Days (2007), Only the Flower Knows (2010), Hana no Miyako de (2012), and Grainerie (2013). It was published in the magazine Dear+ from 2013 to 2017.

The manga is a fan favorite, having sold over 2 million copies by 2018, and the figure would have climbed significantly by the time of writing this.

It has also been turned into two puzzle games and will soon enter the anime realm, so it will be fascinating to see if it lives up to everyone’s expectations or not.

Ten Count
Ten Count

Is a trailer for Ten Count available?

The series’ trailer has been published, and you can view it here to get a sense of what the anime is about.

What is Ten Count’s plot?

Tadaomi Shirotani, a 31-year-old secretary who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and mysophobia, seeks assistance from Riku Kurose, a 27-year-old psychotherapist.

Kurose proposes that Tadaomi attempt duties that he is physically incapable of performing to get healed. Everything goes according to plan as Tadaomi advances gently but steadily, but things quickly become complicated as Kurose falls in love with Tadaomi.

How many characters does Ten Count have?

The series features the following characters:

  • Tadaomi Shirotani
  • Ken Mikam
  • Nishigaki Riku
  • Kurose Kuramoto
  • Tadaomi Shirotani

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Who is in the Ten Count Cast?

The anime’s cast features Shinnosuke Tachibana as Tadaomi Shirotani, Tomoaki Maeno as Riku Kurose, Jun Fukushima as Ken Mikami, Isshin Chiba as Kuramoto, Mai Td as Ueda, and Tarusuke Shingaki as Nishigak.

When is the next Ten Count update scheduled?

The Ten Count anime series premiered in 2020. The specific update has not yet been made public, but we will keep you updated as soon as it is.

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