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Taylor Hawkins Net Worth 2022, Early Life and Career Beginnings (UPDATED)

Taylor Hawkins Net Worth

Taylor Hawkins was an American musician who died in March 2022 with a net worth of $40 million. Taylor died tragically on March 25, 2022, at 50.

Taylor Hawkins joined the rock band Foo Fighters in 1997, following a tour with Alannis Morrisette on her Can’t Not tour in support of her chart-topping album Jagged Little Pill. Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders were a side musical endeavor of his.

Taylor Hawkins Net Worth

Taylor Hawkins Childhood

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on February 17, 1972. In 1976, his family migrated to Laguna Beach, California. Jason and Heather Hawkins are Hawkins’ siblings. He was a graduate of Laguna Beach High School.

As a youngster, he was influenced by Stewart Copeland of the Police and was a huge fan of Roger Taylor of Queen and Jane’s Addiction.

Jon Davison, the current lead vocalist of progressive rock titans Yes, was a boyhood buddy of Hawkins. Since they were children, they’d known each other and were members of various bands together, the greatest of which being Heavy Industry, a cover band.

The band performed at high school dances as well as at a wedding. After their high school years spent performing in Heavy Industry, Hawkins and Davison’s careers diverged. Hawkins was a member of many awful bands that “tried to sound like Jane’s Addiction,” in his words.

He joined the experimental band Sylvia but departed to become the drummer for Sass Jordan. He then departed Sass Jordan to join Alanis Morissette on tour.

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A Career with Alanis Morissette

Hawkins was the drummer for Canadian artist Alanis Morissette during her 1995 and 1996 “Can’t Not” tours. He participated in several music videos for Morissette, including “You Oughta Know,” “All I Want,” and “You Learn.” Hawkins spent 18 months as an assistant to Alanis Morissette before receiving a fatal phone call from Dave Grohl.

Foo Fighters entered the studio in 1996 to create their sophomore album, The Color, and the Shape.

Dave Grohl and then-drummer William Goldsmith fell out during the recording process. After hearing Goldsmith’s drum sounds, Grohl fully re-recorded the album with Grohl on drums.

As a consequence, Goldsmith left the band. Grohl contacted Taylor Hawkins to get a drummer recommendation. Alanis Morissette was the biggest star in rock at the moment, and Grohl had no idea Hawkins would abandon her tour to join Foo Fighters.

To Grohl’s astonishment, Hawkins expressed an interest in the assignment. Taylor Hawkins joined Foo Fighters officially on March 18, 1997.

A career with The Foo Fighters

Ironically (see what we did there?) Alanis Morissette was the one who correctly anticipated Hawkins’ next move. They met the Foo Fighters while traveling to support her massive smash album Jagged Little Pill.

She said to Hawkins, “Dave will invite you to join them someday.” That was a year before Grohl’s contact with Hawkins.

In early 1997, the Foo Fighters were largely unknown, doing club shows or opening for more established acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Fast forward 23 years and the Foo Fighters are one of the biggest bands in music, having sold out London’s Wembley Stadium for not one but two nights in 2008, playing to an estimated 86,000 fans each night.

Hawkins also performs as a rock vocalist. Additionally, he plays the guitar and keyboard. He made his Foo Fighters debut as a lead vocalist on a rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar.”

He provided lead vocals on the album’s original song “Cold Day in the Sun.” He most recently provided lead vocals on the Foo Fighters’ 2017 album Concrete and Gold’s “Sunday Rain.”

Hawkins sings lead vocals on at least one cover song throughout many Foo Fighters live gigs. He also contributes to the band’s songwriting. Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins are the only members of the Foo Fighters who have sang lead vocals.

Hawkins and his side project, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, released a self-titled LP in 2006.

Hawkins was a member of the SOS Allstars at Live Earth 2007 alongside Roger Taylor of Queen and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hawkins appears on Slash’s 2010 solo album Slash. He provided backup vocals on Ozzy Osbourne’s tune “Crucify the Dead.”

While the Foo Fighters were on hiatus, Hawkins was a member of Chevy Metal, a cover band that performed lesser-known ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Queen, and Black Sabbath songs.

Chevy Metal continues to perform at county fairs and pizza joints across the Los Angeles region. Chris Shiflett, a Foo Fighters bandmate, currently plays guitar for Chevy Metal, and Dave Grohl occasionally appears in the band.

Hawkins has appeared on eight Foo Fighters albums, including There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999), One by One (2002), In Your Honor (2005), Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007), Wasting Light (2011), Sonic Highways (2014), Saint Cecilia (2015), and Concrete and Gold (2016). (2017).

Hawkins also appeared in the documentaries Back and Forth, Sound City, and the HBO documentary Sonic Highways, which accompanied the Foo Fighters album.

Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, Hawkins’ band, released their most recent album, Get the Monkey, in November 2019. It contains a variety of guest vocalists, notably LeAnn Rimes on the track “C U In Hell.” Rimes and Hawkins share a neighborhood, and their children attend the same school.

He asked her one day if she wanted to sing on the next album’s “psychedelic stoner rock tune.”

She answered yes, much to his amazement. Rimes recorded the music while lying on the studio floor. Additionally, the album features vocals from Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction; a band Taylor idolized in high school. In “I Blue It,” Farrell sings.

Taylor Hawkins Private Life

Hawkins was married to Alison Hawkins from 2005 till his death in 2022. Oliver, Annabelle, and Everleigh are their three children. The Hawkins family resides in Hidden Hills, California (a short distance from Dave Grohl’s home in Encino).

Hawkins overdosed on heroin in 2001, resulting in a two-week coma. He stated that he was not an addict or a junkie but had simply been partying excessively.

Hawkins was in London in 2005 with the Foo Fighters to support There Is Nothing Left To Lose when his mother called to inform him that someone from Guns N’ Roses had contacted him to request his presence.

As it turns out, Axl Rose was scouting members of Guns N Roses to form a new lineup. They invited Hawkins to come and audition. Hawkins sought counsel from Queen’s Roger Taylor.

“I watch you and Dave onstage, and there’s something there you can’t purchase,” he explained. There is something between you two that Axl Rose may not have.” Hawkins heeded the advice of his idol-turned-friend and remained a member of the Foo Fighters.

Residential Real Estate

According to public records, Hawkins’ old property in Topanga Canyon, California, was a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,728 square foot mansion that he acquired for $585,000 in May 2000.

This residence was seen on MTV Cribs. Hawkins and his wife sold their home and relocated to obtain a larger home.

Hawkins paid $2.7 million for a residence in Hidden Hills in 2012. The 7,000-square-foot main house and guest house are located at the end of a cul-de-sac on more than an acre.

The mansion includes:

The property has a barn, equestrian amenities, a large lawn with mature trees, and a swimming pool with Jacuzzi. Howie Mandel formerly owned the mansion advertised for $3.099 million.

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