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The Day Before Game Release Date Status Confirmed Or Cancelled!



The Day Before,” developed by Fantastic and distributed by MyTona, is an upcoming open-world massively multiplayer survival game garnering attention. Some players have already compared it to a cross between “The Last of Us” and “The Division,” while others claim the gameplay and aesthetics are too fantastic to be true.

The announcement of “The Day Before” surprised industry observers, considering Fantastic is best known for “Dead Dozen” (which never progressed beyond Steam Early Access), the mobile adventure game “Radiant One,” and the survival game “The Wild Eight.”

MyTona, on the other hand, has mostly developed free-to-play mobile games. However, “The Day Before” appears to be rather stunning, and audiences are taking notice. According to MyTona, it’s “set in a bloodthirsty, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry sick and survivors savagely fighting for food, guns, and automobiles.”

Can this new IP compete with the AAA titles from which it draws inspiration? Ultimately, only time will tell. This is all we currently know about “The Day Before.”

The Day Before the game

What is the Release Date for The Day Before?

Fntastic announced “The Day Before” on January 27, 2021, and it appears to be very well along in production — which is fortunate, given that it is classified as “Coming Soon” on Steam. Fantastic has specified a 2021 release date.

Given the short period between announcement and debut, it appears as though fast development is taking on behind the scenes. Gamers are expected to hear more about “The Day Before” shortly. “The Day Before” will be available only on PC, and you can already add it to your Steam wishlist.

There is no news on whether a beta test will occur before the actual launch or if the game will be released on more platforms. There is, however, some optimism on the horizon for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S owners. “While we will be unable to transfer the game to your NES, we are investigating next-generation systems,” the Fantastic co-founders told GamingBolt. “Reserve your seat for a spectacular announcement.”

Is a Trailer for The Day Before Available?

The announcement trailer for “The Day Before” is longer than usual, clocking in at least five minutes and including extensive gameplay. And it is this trailer that generated most of the initial excitement for the game.

While several users on the YouTube video expressed reservations about the final product’s quality and contrived nature and wondered whether it was too good to be true, the preview provided some tantalizing glimpses of what may become.

The announcement clip shows one player looting an office while avoiding infection and wandering through a metropolis filled with superb lighting, weather effects, and detail.

Additionally, there are some pertinent comedy, pop culture, and contemporary news allusions (that newspaper with the headlines about billionaires growing richer and the “Winter is Coming” joke is spot on! ) and parts of the short conversation.

On February 24, Fantastic released a 22-second Teaser Trailer to set the ground for more gameplay and feature revelations at IGN Fan Fest 2021.

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How is The Day Before’s Gameplay?

The official “The Day Before” description lays out the expectations for players: “You awake alone in a world you no longer remember, determined to discover answers and the resources necessary to live.” As you scavenge automobiles, residences, even buildings, you’ll have to battle with infected and other gamers.

The game will feature “realistic” weaponry and explore “beautiful yet perilous locations.” Along with gunplay, you’ll interact with survivors attempting to restore the planet to its former splendor. You’ll be able to communicate with other players and sell your stuff in a survivor colony. Your objective: to establish yourself as a “legend of the new world.”

Fantastic and MyTona presented an IGN Fan Fest 2021 battle gameplay footage along with the announcement teaser. The video gave viewers a glimpse of “The Day Before’s” rich surroundings and shooting mechanics before abruptly concluding with the player’s unfortunate fate. It is unknown how Fantastic intends to manage player death and progression or whether all firefights will be as brief as this one.


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