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FREEDOM PLANET 2 Possible Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!

We’ve received a little update about Freedom Planet 2! According to the game’s creator, GalaxyTrail, a release date has been set.

The release date for the PC (Steam) version has been pushed back from “Spring 2022” to September 13 this year, with the current plan being to release it on “many” additional platforms simultaneously with the PC release. They have not yet been released, and it appears that they will take “additional time” to go through testing and certification before being made available.


When new information becomes available, we will give an update as soon as it becomes available. The complete text of the message (as shared on Twitter) is as follows:

Must check:

We now have a release date for Freedom Planet 2, which is as follows: November 15, 2013. Our fingers are crossed that a Nintendo Switch release is in the works since we had a good time with the first installment.

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